5 thoughts on “Seriously, don’t drive today”

  1. Wow, hope those drivers are OK. Almost looks like the famous bumper cars deal on Queen Anne.

    In other news, it’s so frustrating that Metro turns off the bus Tracker during inclement weather. Not only is it grueling to suffer the elements at the bus stop, but you have no idea if/when your bus will ever show. Its understandable that one shouldn’t expect arrival data at rerouted stops, but it’s annoying to switch it off entirely. Argg!!

    Be safe today neighbors, and keep warm!

  2. rob, apparently the bus tracker doesn’t use GPS, and whatever they use doesn’t work if the bus is on a different (snow) route.

  3. I’m not sure why I wrote “Metros” instead of “Metro” in my last post. Maybe I was starting to write “Metrosexual” then thought better of it.

  4. Metro uses a system were they routinely and automatically (every 30 sec?) radio back their mileage to base. Since the buses follow prescribed routes, the mileage corresponds to positions on a map. When the buses go to snow routes and get rerouted in real time depending on particularly bad stretches of road, this system does not work because they are not on their prescribed routes anymore.

    Light rail has been functioning well for the past 2 days, while my car has been suck by the bowling alley.

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