Sights of Route 36 contest answers

We recently posted the winners of the Sights of Route 36 contest, but have been reminded that we haven’t yet posted the answers! Here they are. You can click the links to see larger photos of each location.

Picture #1 is the Beacon Hill Realty building, on Beacon Avenue.
Picture #2 is the mural on the side of Washington Federal bank, just south of Beacon and McClellan.
Picture #3 is on the east wall at Beacon Hill International School.
Picture #4 is a pillar at the start of the trail in Jefferson Park, near Beacon Avenue South and South Spokane Street.

Picture #5 is a phases of the moon sculpture on a bus stop on South Myrtle Street and 32nd Avenue South.

Picture #6 is the Victor Oishi Auto Service sign at Beacon and Myrtle. (Sorry, not a very good pic of this one.)
Picture #7 is of one of the pavers, designed by artist Carl Smool, on the ground in front of Beacon Hill Station. Here’s a chart of all the pavers.
Picture #8 is the top of a pillar in Katie Black’s Garden, 12th Avenue South and South Atlantic Street.
Picture #9 is “Hopes and Wishes,” artwork by Cheryll Leo-Gwin in the median on the corner of Beacon and Myrtle. (Scroll down to “Hopes and Wishes” on this page.)
Picture #10 is part of the west wall at Beacon Hill Station, above the ticket machines.

Picture #11 is the front of the South Precinct building on South Myrtle Street.

Picture #12 is the NewHolly sign at South Myrtle and 32nd Avenue South. This one you would have to get off the bus to see—it’s the back of the sign if you are looking from Myrtle and 32nd.
Picture #13 is the sign at the Beacon Bluff P-Patch at 14th Avenue South and South Massachusetts.
Picture #14 is one of the “Hydro Roots” planters by artist Glenn Herlihy, outside Fire Station #13 at Beacon Avenue South and South Spokane Street.
Picture #15 is one of the motion detectors that activate the flashing-light crosswalk in front of the Beacon Hill Library. (We don’t have a good picture of the detector.)

Picture #16 is Larry’s Volvo auto shop at Beacon and Graham.