Stabbing and robbery near Beacon and Hanford

The P-I‘s Seattle 911 blog is reporting on a crime that occurred around midnight last night in the 1700 block of South Hanford Street. Two brothers were robbed by a group of four men. One of the brothers was stabbed twice during the robbery and was taken to Harborview for treatment.

Information is pretty sparse, but Casey McNerthney has posted some additional details on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Stabbing and robbery near Beacon and Hanford”

  1. I live near this intersection and almost daily I see gangbangers (or gangabanger wannabes) hanging out at the sheltered bus stop on the Northeast corner (in addition to the bus stop across from the library). I’ve seen them harass elderly Asian women and probably should have called the cops but then figured…what’s the use? By the time the cops would ever show up the victims would be long gone. I just don’t count on the SPD anymore.

  2. You should report all activity regardless of if or when the SPD show up. This will facilitate the police in knowing where increased criminal activity is located and where to concentrate their efforts. (At least you think they would…)

  3. Wow. I live near that intersection and was still awake. That worries me as I often walk that same path when I get off the #36 or come from the Beacon Pub. If I see anything suspicious or any type of harrassment its my duty as a citizen to do something about it and at least call SPD. No excuse for not doing anything, no excuse.

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