December on the Hill

Photos from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr. Thanks to all who contributed this month!

Last call forever December 22 at the Beacon Pub on Beacon Avenue South. Photo by Joel Lee.
Holiday lights on a Beacon Hill fence. Photo by RS_Photographs.
Jefferson Park pond at sunrise. Photo by Joel Lee.
Somewhere on Beacon Hill. Photo by dotism.
Beacon Hill Lincolns. Photo by Rob Ketcherside.

2 thoughts on “December on the Hill”

  1. hm…I don’t think that black Lincoln runs anymore. I always see it parked there along the 36 route. Eventually it will become a Beacon Hill landmark and maybe we’ll see it in the next contest.

  2. I have a few questions about the Beacon Pub situation…..

    1.) Last I read (on the Rainier Valley Post) the new place the Beacon Pub folks were opening in Hillman City was being stalled because a “church” (aka a storefront that somebody rented and decided to call it a church) was objecting under one of our archaic morality laws that lets these “churches” block what they must regard as competition within 500 feet or so. Any news on whether they were able to open a productive, tax-paying business in a neighborhood that desperately needs it over the objections of the “church”?

    2.) What’s happening with the old Beacon Pub site? It’s my understanding that the landlord didn’t want a bar there anymore. Do we have to worry about it becoming yet another “church”, or have the Beacon Hill commercial property owners finally decided that their inherited properties can actually be productive?

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