Biking on Beacon: Pizza in the air

I have never been the long-distance bike riding type.  The spandex thing is silly, the leg shaving too high maintenance.  Instead I have taken a utilitarian approach to two-wheeled self propulsion.  In many instances it is just the easiest way to get around.  But I have begun to notice that the more I ride the more I enjoy it just for the sake of riding a bike.   Turns out it is pretty fun.

On Sunday I rode around Mercer Island for my first time.  Though the ride was about 16 miles, I was having so much fun, that it felt like 5.  Big water and mountain views, few cars (except for noisy I-90), tall trees, cool air, good company.  I will map it next time for those who have yet to try it.  But today’s post is about something else altogether great: Pizza!

Things are abuzz on Beacon Hill about the new bar at the old ROCKiT space and the Bar del Corso Pizza spot.  Pizza bar and beer bar, yum!  Both these spots will be along Beacon Avenue and easily accessible by foot and bike, especially if you use the newly proposed bike boulevard along 17th/18th ave.  But alas, we must wait months for this fun to start.  So until then, here is a safe route to the very near and very delicious Mio Posto in Mt Baker.  This spot is great for its Irwin’s Pastries and brick oven pizza! If you are looking for something a little different try this safe route to All Purpose Pizza in Leschi. They serve a Pagliacci-esque pie with a smile.  After all this pizza you will need that ride to Mercer Island to clear the arteries, but don’t worry, it goes by in a flash.

Ride On.

Beacon Hill to Mio Posto/ Mt. Baker Playground (SAFE ROUTE) at EveryTrail

Beacon Hill to All Purpose Pizza (SAFE ROUTE) at EveryTrail

12 thoughts on “Biking on Beacon: Pizza in the air”

  1. Nice mapping. I’ve ridden that Mt. Baker route a few times before, except at Franklin High I’ve turned right because I was going to John Muir Elementary instead of Mio Posto. I really enjoy riding over the pedestrian bridge across Rainier and MLK — the spirals are fun on a bike.

    If you don’t feel like riding back up the hill after some delicious potato pizza and a Moretti, there’s no shame in hopping on the Light Rail at Mt. Baker station and riding a single stop to the top of the hill.

  2. Hey Brook,

    If you click the links it will take you to a website where there is a video guide that goes along with the routes. In there I talk about the light rail home option. I use that when I go with the kids. It makes our little mountain virtually flat!

  3. I second that about Beacon Hill drivers being among the more bike friendly in Seattle. Kudos to those who share the road.

  4. Thanks for the post! I love bicycling and just moved here from the lovely Minneapolis where it’s much flater and is the #1 city for bicycling! It’s been adjustment. I would love to organize a simple Beacon Hill neighborhood bicycle ride. Let me know if you’re interested! I’m all about community building!

  5. Thanks for the info on both biking & new restaurants on Beacon Hill! I’m so glad things are finally happening up here. It’s a great place to live, but has it’s struggles. I love the diversity and it deserves some great places and recognition.

  6. Hi Teresa, it just so happens that there is a group of neighbors that regularly meets to discuss and plan bicycle and ped improvements on the hill. Check us out at

    We are planning a bike parade for May 21st so stay tuned!

  7. i am highly skeptical of drivers on beacon avenue and 15th avenue (commuters, not residents). i was hit from behind on 15th and spokane one year ago and the driver peeled around me and sped onto the freeway on-ramp while i was laying in the middle of the intersection with a shattered wrist, flesh torn to the bone, and bruised knees and ribs and sternum. i used to be a construction worker and i’ve permanently lost my three contracting jobs since then. hit-and-run.

    please be apprehensive and observe when you ride, i haven’t been on a bike since cause i’m honestly fearful of the commuters here.

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