SDOT seeks feedback on parking restrictions

Typical sign in the North Beacon Hill RPZ. Photo by Wendi.
Seattle Department of Transportation would like some feedback on how well your restricted parking zone (RPZ) is working.

The North Beacon Hill light rail station area RPZ opened in 2009, restricting parking within the zone to two or four hours for those without zone permits. Residents and businesses within the zone received two free two-year parking permits and one free guest permit; those permits will expire on August 31 this year. Renewal permit decals will now be $65 each (previously, additional permits were $45), and guest permits will cost $30. Households are limited to four decals. Low income permits will be available for $10. RPZs in the Rainier Beach, Columbia City, Othello, and Mount Baker station areas will also expire at various times during 2011.

If you live in one of the light rail RPZs, SDOT would like to hear from you. You can find a link to a brief survey here. You can also send comments or feedback to Allison Schwartz at 206-386-4654 or

Have you noticed “hide and ride” parking in the neighborhood? Here at the BHB, we haven’t noticed commuters trying to park and ride, but we have seen a noticeable number of sports fans parking here for Sounders and Mariners games. Those events, however, are typically outside of the hours when the RPZ is enforced: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays.

4 thoughts on “SDOT seeks feedback on parking restrictions”

  1. Wendi – thanks for posting this! I should mention that if people are interested in being added to or removed from the zone, please let me know.

    Allison Schwartz

  2. I have observed hide and ride on my block, Lafayette Ave S, between Hanford and Horton, which is the first block south of the RPZ. Nothing major, but a few cars now and then on weekdays.

    It also appears people are parking (and riding) during weekdays on Beacon between McClellan and Forest. Since the east side of this block is RPZ, then either those people have RPZ stickers and are driving from their house to this block to park, or the 2-hour limit is not being enforced much on non-permit holders.

  3. The parking rules mean nothing since they are not enforced as far as I can tell. I witness illegal parking every day.

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