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SDOT seeks feedback on parking restrictions

Typical sign in the North Beacon Hill RPZ. Photo by Wendi.
Seattle Department of Transportation would like some feedback on how well your restricted parking zone (RPZ) is working.

The North Beacon Hill light rail station area RPZ opened in 2009, restricting parking within the zone to two or four hours for those without zone permits. Residents and businesses within the zone received two free two-year parking permits and one free guest permit; those permits will expire on August 31 this year. Renewal permit decals will now be $65 each (previously, additional permits were $45), and guest permits will cost $30. Households are limited to four decals. Low income permits will be available for $10. RPZs in the Rainier Beach, Columbia City, Othello, and Mount Baker station areas will also expire at various times during 2011.

If you live in one of the light rail RPZs, SDOT would like to hear from you. You can find a link to a brief survey here. You can also send comments or feedback to Allison Schwartz at 206-386-4654 or allison.schwartz@seattle.gov.

Have you noticed “hide and ride” parking in the neighborhood? Here at the BHB, we haven’t noticed commuters trying to park and ride, but we have seen a noticeable number of sports fans parking here for Sounders and Mariners games. Those events, however, are typically outside of the hours when the RPZ is enforced: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays.

Beacon Bits: Bonsai reward, parking warning, produce deliveries

BeHi Bonsai T-shirt
Win this shirt from BeHi Bonsai. Photo from BeHi Bonsai.
Point BeHi Bonsai to your favorite yard sculpture, and maybe get a T-shirt for your trouble.

* * *

Don’t rely on chalk marks to let you know when you need to move your car and avoid a ticket. Parking enforcement is going hi-tech — Craig Thompson on the BAN list via KOMO

* * *

Recently featured at Capitol Hill Seattle, Full Circle Farm got a writeup by Beacon Hill neighbor Allison in The Weekender:

“I have to say, having produce delivered right to your neighborhood is probably one of the most convenient amenities of living in a city. Especially a city surrounded by farmland. (…) I haven’t had to go to the market in ages and it really forces us to prepare meals using things I would never buy like turnips and beets.”

Neighbor-to-neighbor: Parking woes in the RPZ

Photo by Wendi.
Photo by Wendi.
What are your experiences with the new RPZ (Restricted Parking Zone) in Beacon Hill?

Since 2003, I’ve parked my car in front of the house on the concrete area between the sidewalk and the street. There are two spaces and the curb is cut to allow car access to the area. The car doesn’t block the sidewalk. We considered this area a parking strip. According to the brochure left on my windshield, the City considers it a planting strip and it is illegal to park there.

I’m not the only person on our block to use this area for long-term parking. If I park on the street, I have to move my car every 72 hours–even if I have nowhere to go. I thought parking on the parking strip was responsible; I’m frustrated that it’s not allowed.

We chose this neighborhood in part because the location encourages and supports leaving the car at home. I walk to Red Apple and restaurants and we both take mass transit to work. We have cars because occasionally we need them–but rarely every 72 hours.

How does a law that requires every car in the city move every 72 hours encourage people to get out of our cars? How is parking in a paved area with curb cutouts worse than parking on the street?

Does anyone know the process for initiating changes in parking policy?

Beacon Bits: Blue Scholars, Homework Helpers, and a School Board candidate

Found dog 8/4, near 39th Ave S.
Found dog 8/4, near 39th Ave S.
Do you recognize this dog? Know where he belongs? He’s a rather timid and skittish and probably really wants to be home. Contact pateb@foster.com if you can help get him there.


On the flip side of “found”, Kazi the orange tabby cat has been missing from his home near the Jefferson Park golf course since Sunday. He may be wearing a blue “stinky cat”-labeled collar. If you’ve seen him, please contact his owner through this Craigslist posting.


Dayna P writes with a question about organizing a trash pickup effort on her block:

Hi. I’m a neighbor on 13th Ave S by Maple Park and recently walked to a friend’s house on 12th Ave, towards downtown. I just couldn’t believe the amount of trash on the street… really awful! I’m wondering if anyone out there is interested in helping me organize a neighborhood trash pickup day. I’ve never done anything like this, so don’t know the best way to go about it. Anyone out there want to help get this going? Does anyone know if the city/parks dept has any programs that help this kind of effort?


The Seattle Public Library is seeking Homework Helpers for the 2009-2010 school year. Homework Helpers assist elementary, middle and high school students with understanding homework assignments, developing study skills and learning approaches for solving math problems. English is a second language for the majority of the students. Homework Helpers are asked to assist students for just two hours per week throughout the school year, some time Monday through Thursday, between 4 and 8pm. Openings are available at many south-end branches, including the Beacon Hill branch. For more information and to request a volunteer application, please contact Anne Vedella, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at anne.vedella@spl.org by Friday, August 14. Interviews will take place in August. They’re also looking for “Talk Time facilitators” at the Beacon Hill branch — contact Anne about that, as well.


Local south-end hip-hop duo Blue Scholars turns the music biz on its head: the band signs a label to distribute their album. (Sabzi from the band lives on Beacon Hill. Also, catch their CurrentTV video featuring footage around town, including a stop at Jose Rizal Park.)


Some strange things are afoot on 14th. Kara on the mailing list wrote yesterday:

We seem to have some suspicious activity going on at 14th Ave S and S Nevada. There is a red Toyota Corolla that waits at the intersection for a “delivery” from someone on foot or in a black extended cab Toyota Tacoma. They make an exchange and away they go. We’ve seen it twice in the last month, most recently this evening (Monday) around 9pm.
I suspect that it is drugs. We have reported it to SPD. If anyone else sees these vehicles hanging around PLEASE report to 911.


West Seattle Blog says the removal of the leaky membrane is complete at the Beacon Hill Reservoir.


Three burglary suspects were caught (and one remains at large) following a break-in at a home in the 4100 block of 13th Avenue South on Friday, reports the SPD Blotter. That didn’t make much of an impact, however. Hazel mentioned on the mailing list and in a post on her blog about another break-in which occurred not too far away at her home, 20th and Spokane on Saturday. Any recommendations for security companies? The question has come up on the list since.


Wilson Chin, candidate for Seattle School Board. Photo courtesy wilson chin for schools.com
Wilson Chin, candidate for Seattle School Board. Photo courtesy wilson chin for schools.com
Wilson Chin joins fellow Beacon Hillian Charlie Mas in the race for Seattle School Board. The Seattle Times has a backgrounder article on all of the candidates for District 7.


Travis posted several interesting neighborhood-related blog entries over the weekend, including a firsthand account of attempted plant theft from the landscaping around the new Beacon Hill light rail station and the strange appearance of an SPU trailer near Daejeon Park.


An apprehension at gunpoint (with photo of cops with guns drawn!) was posted by Laura at the Beacon Hill Bungalow blog.


Cakespy discovers one of the many delicious pastries at Delite Bakery: a Turrón — via Monkey Around Seattle


I wonder if we’ll see anything like this with our new Residential (or Restricted) Parking Zone: A comparison of what it’s like just inside and outside the RPZ near Swedish Cherry Hill from Central District News.

(Updated 8/5 to correct attribution. Sorry, Laura and Travis!)

Beacon Bits: Blue Angels, business awards, and parking issues

The Blue Angels fly directly over North Beacon Hill during Seafair. Photo by Wendi.
The Blue Angels fly directly over North Beacon Hill during Seafair. Photo by Wendi.
It’s almost Seafair time, so it’s time to be prepared for the noise and distraction of Blue Angels flying directly over Beacon Hill.

Here’s the schedule of Angels’ practices and performances:

  • July 29: Blue Angels arrival
  • July 30: Blue Angels practice times:
    • 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
    • 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • July 31-August 2: Blue Angels performances:
    • July 31: 1:20 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
    • August 1: 1:20 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
    • August 2: 1:20 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
  • August 3: Blue Angels depart

* * *

Last week’s commentary by Frederica Merrell about small business owners and the planning process generated some interesting comments, including information about how local businesses can apply for the 2009 Mayor’s Small Business Awards, and discussion about how local businesses can get their concerns heard.

Neighbor Brook commented, “In most other neighborhoods, they’d get a fair say because at least some of them would be involved in an active neighborhood chamber of commerce that would contribute to planning, go after development grants, and such. I’m sure it’s a challenge in a neighborhood as diverse as ours, but everyone is losing out without an organization like that.” The Beacon Hill Blog has commented on this concern previously.

* * *

In the BHB forum, Gracie P writes:

Has there been any discussion among folks about how to cope with the RPZ when going on vacation? We’re taking a road trip in one car, trying to figure out what will happen with the other one while we are gone… Yes, we could tackle the issue that multiple cars is a bit excessive, but we’d be in the same boat if we had one car and took link to SeaTac.

Not that it wasn’t illegal to leave a car for more than 72 hours before the RPZ, but… with actual parking patrols happening up here, we are realizing we can’t just blissfully leave a car on the street while we travel.

Have any ideas or suggestions for Gracie? Please post them in the Forum.

The RPZ is coming soon

If you see this in your usual parking area, youll need to get a pass. Photo by Wendi.
If you see this in your usual parking area, you'll need to get a pass. Photo by Wendi.
In the last couple of weeks, new signs have been posted around the light rail station areas, with parking limitations “except by zone permit.” New Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) are going into effect in July, to prevent people from using the neighborhoods immediately around each light rail station as unofficial park-and-rides. Park too long in an RPZ without the official city sticker declaring you as a resident, and you’ll get a ticket. (No, your “BeHi” sticker won’t help.)

The zones are in effect from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm on weekdays, limiting parking to two hours unless you have an RPZ pass. General information on the RPZ passes and how to apply may be found here, along with specific information for the zones at Beacon Hill, Mount Baker (McClellan), Columbia City, Othello, and Rainier Beach.

Pass fees are waived until spring 2011 for residents near the light rail stations, limited to two free resident passes and one free guest pass per household. There is a cost for additional permits.