Travelers, La Esperanza apply for liquor licenses

There were two recent liquor license applications in the neighborhood that may be of interest.

The first application is for Travelers, the Indian restaurant opening soon at 2524 Beacon Ave. S., and the applicant is Allen S. Kornmesser. The license type being applied for is “direct shipment receiver” (which will allow the business to buy beer and/or wine from federally certified wineries or breweries) and “restaurant – beer and wine” (which will allow them to sell beer and wine for on-premises consumption in conjunction with food sales). The license number is 403433.

The second application is for La Esperanza de Seattle, just across the street and a bit north at 2505 Beacon Ave. S. The applicants are La Esperanza de Seattle, a Partnership; Geovanni Santacruz, and Omar Santacruz. The license type applied for is “grocery store – beer/wine.” The license number is 407963.

As with all liquor license applications, if you wish to comment on the application to the Liquor Control Board, you can e-mail

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