Beacon Hill Festival features extra music this year

This lion dancer performed at the Beacon Hill Festival in 2009. Photo by Jason.
The nineteenth annual Beacon Hill Festival is coming soon! Next Saturday, June 4, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., the Festival will bring music, dancing, acrobatic performances, local food, carnival games, a silent auction, and more to the Jefferson Community Center. This year the event will have two performance stages and sixteen free performances to enjoy. The second stage will highlight local singers and songwriters.

Here is the schedule of performers:

Main Stage

  • 11:00 Jun Hong Kung Fu and Sports Association
  • 11:45 Kimball
  • 12:30 Dearborn S.C.A.T.
  • 1:30 Jumbo
  • 2:15 Chava Mirel
  • 2:45 More of Anything
  • 3:30 Ala Carte

Small Stage

  • 11:15 Nelson Wright
  • 11:45 Stefanie Robbins
  • 12:15 Jack Lenoir
  • 12:45 Jim Marcotte
  • 1:45 Leaf Color
  • 2:15 Hank Davis
  • 3:00 Jean Mann

As always the event is open to everyone! Jefferson Community Center is located at 3801 Beacon Ave. S.

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  1. Minor Dissonance accidentally got left off the listings that got sent out. They will be playing the small stage at 1:15. Don’t miss them.

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