Bar del Corso opening July 12

Photo courtesy of Gina Tolentino.
The big blue pizza oven is warming up at the old Beacon Pub site, where the Bar del Corso restaurant opens to the public on July 12. The latest photos in the restaurant’s Facebook album show the new oven in action, among other things.

Bar del Corso is located at 3057 Beacon Ave S.

11 thoughts on “Bar del Corso opening July 12”

  1. Have the hours been set yet? I looked on the Bar del Corso blog as well as the facebook page, and couldn’t come up with anything.

    Can’t wait for the 12th!

  2. Looks a bit expensive. The people of Beacon Hill need bars, not upmarket restaurants.

    RIP the Beacon Hill Pub 🙁

  3. We have been waiting for a place such as Bar del Corso for over 25 years to come to the Beacon Hill neighborhood! Looking forward to the opening. It will be so nice to be able to walk to a nice restaurant for dinner and beverages, alcoholic and none alcoholic instead of having to drive to another neighborhood or downtown for dinner. Welcome to Beacon Hil!

  4. I second Melissa’s kids idea. Bars may be nice for some people, Matt, but a pizza place can be a pleasant hangout for ALL neighborhood residents!

  5. We dropped in tonight. Big disappointment. Aloof, unfriendly $ expensive. One would think that if you were a new restaurant in the neighborhood, you would be more welcoming and eager to introduce your neighbors to your establishment. The vibe was the exact opposite. Pretense has found its way to Beacon Hill. Who need that? Drag.

  6. Katy, that’s odd because I’ve heard nothing but good things about the place so far. Did you speak with them about your concerns?

  7. We’ve been saying for years that Beacon Hill needs a pizza place. I have mixed feelings about this one. We have eaten there one time so far. My husband says it’s the best pizza he’s ever had, outside Naples. I don’t eat wheat, so i had a salad. we had a couple of drinks. My son had a pizza. the tab came to about $90 with tax and tip. Yes, the food is excellent, but the price tag a bit high for our budget. This is a special night out restaurant, not a regular neighborhood hang out, at least not for our family.

  8. Great pizza at Bar del Corso both times so far. But they need to cut the pizza before serving; it was a mess (and a potentially dangerous mess) to do this ourselves at our table. “Well, that’s how they do it in Naples,” I was told. I spent two summers in Pozzouli and do not remember having to cut our own pizza.

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