BHIS seeks tile artist for mural project

Beacon Hill International School is seeking a “working tile artist who explores global themes and enjoys working with children” for a 6-week project in late summer/early fall of this year, working with K-5 kids to create tiles for a mosaic mural.

The artist chosen will also bring the Beacon Hill community into the project, collaborating with neighbors to make tiles and complete the mural.

The installation will be an approximately 10’x7′ tile mosaic, to be installed on the wall of an exterior entryway. Additionally, some smaller areas at the school and a nearby park may also be included in the project. The stipend for the completed mural is $2,000. The application deadline is July 29.

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Tile Mosaic Artist in Residence

ORGANIZATION:Beacon Hill International School
DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, July 29, 2011
MORE INFO:Era Schrepfer, 206-369-3224 Beacon Hill International School
CALL FOR ARTIST in Residence
Beacon Hill International School Entryway Tile Mosaic

Are you a working tile artist who explores global themes and enjoys working with children? Beacon Hill International School is seeking an artist in residence for a 6-week project in late summer/early fall 2011. For two weeks, you will work with a diverse group of kids from K-5 to create tiles for an external tile mosaic installation. Near the conclusion of the residency, you will collaborate with the entire Beacon Hill community to engage local residents in tile making and mural completion. This is an exciting chance to join forces with a local community and let creativity reign!


Beacon Hill International School (BHIS) seeks one artist to serve as an artist in residence and work with parents, children, and the community to develop a tile mosaic installation for an important landmark on the top of Beacon Hill. Our goal is to enhance this area with a piece of public art that will be designed and created by the larger southeast community working in partnership with the school community. The artwork will take the form of a large (approximately 10′ x 7′) tile mosaic to be installed by the district Facilities Department on an exterior entryway wall.

The Artist will collaborate with the school Art Specialist and a project coordinator, with support from a Steering Committee, consisting of volunteers from the neighborhood and school community. In addition, smaller areas may receive mosaic tiling including a bench, the base of the nearby flagpole, and a kiosk in a nearby park; the Project Coordinator may identify additional opportunities for tiling from this effort to be incorporated into public community spaces on Beacon Hill. Stipend for the completed mural is $2,000. Application deadline is July 29, 2011.


The selected artist will work with Mary Howard Logel, BHIS Art Specialist, to design the final mural and support the production of the tiles, help to prepare them for mounting, and provide advice and support to the project as a whole. It is important that the selected artist respect that the process is an important element in the creation of the mural and maintain a connection to the project throughout the planning and implementation phases.

Time Commitment: minimum 40 hours

The artist will be required to attend a series of mutually arranged planning meetings and in-class sessions. In addition there will be two evening tile-making workshops where the artist will work with members of the local community to teach and guide the tile making process. Our objective is that these hands-on, intergenerational and multicultural community events will inspire pride in our neighborhood and provide an opportunity for neighbors of different backgrounds to meet and share with each other in a relaxed but purposeful way.

  1. In-class sessions: 36 hours (6 days within 2 wk period, MTW). Days will be mutually arranged between Art Specialist Mary Howard Logel and artist.
  2. Two evening tile-making workshops: Hosted by the Beacon Hill International School PTA, these workshops will be announced to the Beacon Hill neighborhood and school community. We expect 40-50 attendees that can work in groups, led by Mary Howard Logel and supported by volunteers. The artist will be expected to lead and/or co-present part of each workshop for a total of 3 hours (1.5 hours x 2 evenings).
  3. The grant award includes funds for installation. We will consider artist input before final installation decisions are made. Members of the Steering Committee and other volunteers are prepared to help in post-tile creation and grouting phases.


This competition is open to artists living in any Seattle neighborhood. Artists may apply as a team, but the application should clearly describe the contribution of each collaborator.


One guest artist will be chosen based on artistic merit, appropriateness to the site, connection to the theme, and understanding of the process-oriented approach.


The Tile Mosaic Steering Committee, composed of school and neighborhood community members, will meet to review the submissions and will select candidates to be interviewed. Interviews will be arranged to take place on August 16, 17, and 18, 2011.


Artists who apply will be notified of the selection panel’s decisions by early September, 2011.


  • Applicants must submit the following:A written proposal describing any ideas and explaining your personal connection to the project and project mission. (no more than two pages)
  • A one-page resume/artist statement
  • At least 5 and up to 20 examples of your previous work. Photographs, color laser copies, postcards, brochures or catalogues should fit within a 9″ x 12″ envelope.

SUBMIT DESIGN by July 29 to: Beacon Hill PTA Mosaic Tile Steering Committee 2025 14th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144

Questions about the project? Contact Era Schrepfer, BHIS Parent (206) 369-3224 or email