Have you seen this dog?

(11:30 pm, 7/6: The dog has been found! Thanks, everyone, for your help!)

Neighbor Owen sent us the following plea:

Please help me find my lost dog. He is 20 lbs, white, with some gray accents on his ears. He can be fairly skittish around people especially men. He has a fresh haircut and looks kind of like a beagle mix. He is roughly 5 years old and fixed. His collar is a combination chain and nylon with a Seattle pet license attached. He never leaves the house but was scared off by the 4th of July fireworks. He disappeared sometime between 8p and 12a. Any tips or information on his whereabouts would be appreciated. A reward is offered for any information leading to his recovery.

Feel free to email, call, or text

The pictures were taken the day he disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Have you seen this dog?”

  1. Where was he last seen? Cross streets?? I live in the Beacon Hill Neighborhood and walk dogs daily in this area. I will keep an eye out…

  2. Hi, I saw a dog running very fast down my street on the Eve of July 4. Clearly he was very spooked. I could not tell exactly what he looked like because it was getting dark but he was about the same size as your dog. It was about 9:15pm. I felt really bad for him. This was about the corner of Swift Avenue South and Mars Ave on Beacon Hill. Good luck finding your buddy.

  3. Thanks! He is home safe and sound now. He was very thirsty but otherwise just fine. I am so very relieved that he is back home.

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