Mid-Beacon burglary yesterday

Neighbor Julie writes:

Thought I would let you guys get the word out. Our house in Mid-Beacon Hill was broken into between 8:30 and 5pm today (August 29). They got in through the alley level backyard entrance and stole a laptop, gaming consoles and other small electronics. Not sure if anyone saw anything but appreciate you guys getting the word out.

5 thoughts on “Mid-Beacon burglary yesterday”

  1. Wondering where in Beacon this happened? There seems to be a hike in all the crime right now and i am getting really nervous about living here. i have 2 incidents happen to my house with in a couple of DAYS of each other.

  2. I don belief it. I just read this earlier, and I was out watering the garden on Hanford Street, and some urchin comes up to me and asks to use my phone, ’cause it was an emergency.
    I said, “What’s the BIG emergency, did you break a nail or something?
    He gave me an odd look and sacheted down the street in a timely fashion.
    Him: 18-20, lt. brown hair, face only a mother could love, caucasian
    Be on your guard.

  3. Can you give us a cross street so we can getter a better idea of the location? Will definitely keep an eye out!

  4. 10 pm a week+ ago. doorbell rings and a white male,
    scruffy, approx 5’6″ medium build, facial blondish hair,
    off the collar. asks for $ to catch the bus. he looks
    down to see my 100# german shephard next to me and

    i told him he really is using poor judgement at this time
    of the evening stopping by any house asking for money and
    closed the door on him.

    found my cell phone and walked out to ascertain direction
    of travel. though this was within 60 secs, i did not see
    him on sidewalk

    15th Ave So and So Spokane St.

  5. It was at 12th Ave S and Oregon. When the cops came out they said they had been seeing it more and more. They took easy to grab electronics and thankfully didn’t do any damage to the rest of the house. We’ll be on our gaurd, thanks for any info.

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