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Broad-daylight burglars break in, kill family cat

KOMO reports a story that is both sad and frightening. A home in the 3200 block of 15th Avenue South was burglarized in the early afternoon on June 7, and when the family returned home to find the burglary, they also found their cat lying dead in the backyard.

The owner reported on the BAN mailing list that “at some point either my cat got in the way or wanted to be petted and was struck with enough force that it killed him.”

Police were able to lift prints from several locations in the home. The thieves apparently tried to kick in the back door, and when that failed, broke an upper window in the door.

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Can you help find these stolen tools?

Neighbor Nick writes:

“Hi, we live on the corner of 15th and Hinds and recently (last night?) had two toolbags stolen, and some cordless drills. They are Veto Pro Pac XL toolbags. One is filled with wood and metal-working tools, the other is mostly electrical tools. There is a Makita 18v lithium ion cordless drill as well. If anyone tries to sell you tools with purple and silver paint on them or with a ‘Q’ written on them, please call Nick at 206-718-7358. Thanks!”

Do you have information about this burglary?

Neighbor Travis writes:

Dear Neighbors,

I want to share that our home, near the intersection of 16th Avenue South and South Stevens Street, was broken in on Saturday afternoon between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. It seems a very bold break-in.

The burglars kicked in the back door and took the most valuable and smallest items, i.e., laptops and jewelry. The sentimental value of the jewelry out weighs the cash value — passed down from elders, etc. — and we are working hard to try to have them find their way back to us, somehow.

If anyone believes they saw suspicious activity during that time in our area of Beacon Hill your information would be very helpful. Our neighbors were able to provide some concrete leads to the officer, and the more info the better.

On that note, we want to thank all of our neighbors who have been extremely supportive and helpful, and Officer T. Saewong was thorough, informative, and professional.

On the bright side, we know our neighbors much better after this nasty incident, and we have shared personal contact information so we can better keep an eye out for one another.

Feel free to call 206-930-5321 with any leads or information, or contact Officer Saewong directly at 206-386-1850 with case #2013-115804.

Thank you.

Neighbors report break-ins and suspicious cars

There have been a few vehicle break-ins lately as well as a suspicious car driving around the neighborhood.

Neighbor Rosie wrote to send a video of two men burglarizing her husband’s work van. She says,

“This happened early Saturday (Jan 26th) at 5:40 a.m. We got the footage from our security camera and have given it to the police but are hoping that the neighborhood community could also keep an eye out. We believe they backed up to the van and loaded everything into the back or bed of a truck. We have multiple shots from a 20 minute period of time where they came and surveyed the van, somehow got in, and eventually made off with lot of plumbing tools. This robbery took place on North Beacon Hill at the cross streets of 13th Ave and So Hill St. Any help or assistance in any way would be much appreciated. My email address is rak711@hotmail.com.”

Here is the video.

Another neighbor, Jessica, writes:

“Seems as if there have been some car break-ins around the 39XX block of 14th Ave S.

“My car was broken into and stuff was tossed around and the only thing they actually took was a book of 10 year old CD’s that were in my trunk. My husband and neighbor both got their cars broken into about a week later (this week) nothing appears to have been taken but things were tossed around significantly. Another neighbor said he noticed a later model silver Volvo in the area and the passengers of the vehicle sped off when they saw him as he was going to work in the early morning.”

It’s funny that she mentions a silver car, because folks on the Beacon Hill mailing list last week were discussing suspicious activity by a silver 4-door sedan. According to one neighbor, the car was driving between Orcas and Lucille on the west side of Beacon Avenue, “moving slowly through the streets and making multiple passes.” He spoke with the car’s occupants, and the driver claimed to be a teacher from a driving school on Beacon Hill. However, apparently the car is not one used by the driving school, and the driver does not work there.

Reader writes: Burglars strike Mid-Beacon Hill home — for the second time

Neighbor Greg writes this warning:

“Just wanted to alert everyone about a morning burglary on Beacon Ave South. It was 8:30 am on Thursday the 3rd, the downstairs/basement apartment at 4946 Beacon Ave S. I live on the main floor apartment, heard noise and jumped up out of bed. Burglars must have heard me moving around and I saw two men exit into the alley that runs from Dawson St. to South Ferdinand St. Police were there shortly thereafter, but too late to grab anyone. Second time this house was hit in 6 months. Again just wanted to warn anyone headed to work early in the morning to make sure you’re all locked up and to keep an eye out.”

Unlucky neighbors burgled twice in December

Neighbor Alice writes:

“I wanted to get the word out that our house has been broken into two times this month. The first time was during the day, while we were out. The second time was while we were out of town for the holidays. The police think it was the same perpetrators and are working to make connections between the robberies. Both times, they took computers and jewelry.

“I’d like to get this info out to the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and also learn if other people have experienced similar crime. We live near Graham and 23rd S.”

Any BHB readers have information to contribute?

Police: 70-year-old man tied up as suspects tear through home

by Kiersten Throndsen, KOMO Communities (Beacon Hill Blog news partners)

A burglary turned home invasion left a 70-year-old man with cuts to his wrist, according to police.

It happened Friday, around 1:30p.m., near 12th Avenue S. and S. Nevada Street.

The victim told police he heard noises coming from the back of the house. When he went to check it out he found the two men inside.

The victim tried to fight the suspects off but they pulled out a knife. He told KOMO News they used a telephone cord to tie his hands and feet together and left him in a bedroom while they went through the home.

Nearly 30 minutes later the victim’s granddaughter came home and found him. She called 911.

The man was treated at the scene for cuts to his hands.

An iPad, jewelry and money were reportedly stolen from the home.

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Beacon Bits: New employees, new businesses, new hours

The Oak restaurant's exterior is much improved. As far as we know, the owners are still waiting for the liquor license before they can open. Photo by Wendi Dunlap.

No news yet on the opening of the Oak, though much work has been done on the building.

The Tippe and Drague down the street is also getting closer to opening, with the recent completion of drywall work in the interior.

* * *

Browsing around the eater.com website, we noticed a Beacon Hill job listing, posted a couple of weeks ago:

“Bar del Corso is looking for that perfect person. MUST HAVE wood-burning pizza oven experience and a touch for dough. We are a small, owner-run restaurant / pizzeria, with a tight-knit group of professionals, in a family-like environment. There is lots of room for growth in this position. Knowledge of Italian cuisine, good knife skills, a passion for food are all a plus!”

See the listing at eater.com for further information.

* * *

Speaking of Bar del Corso, we missed this last month but you should see it now: a video in which owner Jerry Corso reveals how to make a delicious margherita pizza. (The all-important ingredient Bar del Corso has that none of us have at home? That big blue pizza oven!)

* * *

A new business has come to the hill: The Skin Firm, a skin care and waxing studio, opens tomorrow (Friday, June 1) at 4501 15th Ave. S., Suite 103, just west of
MacPherson’s Produce. There is a grand opening reception at 7 p.m.

* * *

Luisa Taqueria at Beacon and 15th Avenue South has made a few changes. Starting June 3 they will serve brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m.– 3 p.m, with coffee and new brunch dishes in a collaboration with Inay’s. The taqueria will also be open 7 days a week now, from 11 a.m.–9 p.m. on weekdays, and from 10 a.m.–9 p.m. on weekends.

* * *

The Station (2533 16th Ave. S.) has made a list of dog-friendly coffee shops in Seattle!

* * *

According to the Wall Street Journal, the bidding wars for homes are back — right here on Beacon Hill.

* * *

The Lockmore neighborhood blog reports that thieves recently tried a “brazen, balls the size of Texas-style” late evening break-in, netting only a garage door opener.

* * *

It’s down on Rainier, not on the Hill, but some folks may be happy to know that a branch of Heaven Sent Fried Chicken, the new chain of restaurants operated by Ezell Stephens (of you-know-where fame), has opened at 3427 Rainier Ave. S., sharing space with former Beacon Hill restaurant Willie’s Taste of Soul. (For some reason, eater.com thinks that location is Rainier Beach.)

Recent break-ins cause concern

Neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have been warning about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood.

First, neighbor Heather posted:

“Friday night at around 4 a.m. my friend witnessed a car being broken into from his window. He called the police and was on the phone with them as they were pulling up, but the guy got away. Apparently, his method of choice was to break in, leave the car door open slightly and leave the car until the unknown car owner maybe looks out and doesn’t see anything so they turn their car alarm off. Once they turn it off the guy comes back and takes what he wants. Pretty clever idea. Moral of the story, don’t assume it is wind if your car alarm goes off and you don’t see anyone. He will be back. This happened on 16th Avenue South.”

Then neighbor Krizten reported:

“My neighbor’s house got robbed today (Tuesday) between 9-11am this morning. She lives above the greenbelt as you come up Holgate from the west. The police believed the burglar(s) came up thru the greenbelt. They smashed a window on that backside of the house and ransacked her bedroom mainly, stealing a jewelry box, walkman and various other small objects.

“This is the second time she’s been broken into this year… A pretty similar burglary happened to another neighbor about 8 doors north of her about 2 weeks ago.

“I believe it also happened between similar hours and the items stolen were similar and included her work laptop. She believes someone was actually watching to see when she left.”

Crimes are only one of the topics discussed on the neighborhood mailing list. Other topics have included missing chickens, recommendations for child care, snow removal, and the quality of Beacon Hill broadband. To join the mailing list, go here.

Group of 10 juvenile burglars strike South Beacon home

by John Discepolo, KOMO 4 News (Beacon Hill Blog news partners)

Burglaries and break-ins are on the rise this holiday season, which one victim found out the hard way when her own brother called to tell her that her home had become a crime scene.

Police say a group of 10 juveniles broke into a South Seattle home Tuesday night at around 7 p.m.

The woman who lives at the home, Betty Darang-Macalma, was at church when the burglars struck.

Luckily, her brother lives across the street and saw the thieves walk into the house. He called police, and then he called his sister.

When police arrived at the house, located at South Holly St. and Beacon Ave. S., they found two suspects inside and two more outside. Those four were taken into custody, but the other six burglars are still on the loose.

Darang-Macalma said the crime has her shaken.

“Violated,” she said. “They went into the privacy of your home.”

She said the thieves got away with roughly $10,000 in valuables.

“I think four laptops—they recovered one—the Wii, some jewelry. They didn’t get the most important jewelry, but my husband’s wedding band is gone,” she said.

Residents in the area say this latest burglary is just another sign that things are changing.

“My neighbor’s car got broken into and my house got burglarized. I’m just scared living here,” said Anh Ngyen.

Darang-Macalma said she has an alarm system, but didn’t have it turned on Tuesday night. She said she’s lived at the house for 31 years and is considering installing security cameras.

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