Cars rifled through on S. Forest St.

Neighbor Kimberly wrote this weekend:

“Just wanted to report some weird activity on Forest near the Red Apple. For the last two nights our car parked on the street, which doesn’t lock all the way, has been searched in the middle of the night. They opened the trunk, pulled everything out of the glove box and left it, but took nothing. There was some loose change and an iPod car converter that were not touched. Last night the same thing happened to our neighbor’s car, with the same result, nothing taken.

“Seems like whoever is doing it is looking for something specific, but not finding it on our street yet!”

Any ideas what might be happening here? And has anyone else in the area noticed similar activity?

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  1. The same thing predictably happens in front of my house on S. Walker St., I think usually 2-4am. Cars parked overnight that are not regularly parked on my block are at the biggest risk of being prowled. I bought my girlfriend a steering wheel lock, and she started leaving the car with the doors unlocked. At least they stopped breaking the window, but they still prowl the glovebox from time to time. Don’t leave anything at all in your car. Even keep random junk like change, pens, parking receipts, etc. out of sight. There’s really not much you can do other than don’t be a target.

  2. I think this goes under “crime”. Most in the neighborhood are familier with out little 19 month old 9 pound grey and white Shih tzu. His name is Buddy and he’s too friendly for his own good. I believe he was stolen on Tues. about 6:30pm from my “secure” (gates ALWAYS CLOSED) back yard. He was here one minute and gone the next and the back gate which was open about a foot the wrong way was left open. That gate hasn’t been opened for at least two weeks. He has a tag on his collar with a phone number and code to connect to my phone if you see him. Would appreciate if you would keep an eye out but I haven’t much hope. He doesn’t have a chip. Big mistake. Thanks, Jack

  3. I have noticed a seemingly high amount of break-ins (both auto and home) in Beacon Hill. This may just be due to this site making the information more available than in other neighborhoods, but it makes me wonder what it is that makes Beacon Hill so conducive to theft (or in this case, intended theft). I would be interested to see how Beacon stacks up against other Seattle neighborhoods when it comes to the home invasion and trespassing statistics. Possible new blog post? 🙂

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