Big trucks busy on Beacon Hill

A sturdy tent is being constructed for fire trucks to park in during the seismic upgrades at Station 13. Photo by Melissa Jonas.
There’s lots of construction happening on the hill right now. Work on Beacon Mountain has begun in Jefferson Park. Fire Station 13 is getting a fancy temporary parking structure for the fire trucks in preparation for construction work to make the building more stable during an earthquake. The temporary public pay lot at El Centro is being graded and drainage installed; the goal is for the lot to be completed within a month.

Each project is noteworthy in its own way, but all Beacon Hill toddlers and preschoolers need to know is: BIG TRUCKS! Lots of big trucks! Please allow extra time on your next outing to appreciate them.

Construction of the Beacon Mountain Playground is underway. Photo by Melissa Jonas.

5 thoughts on “Big trucks busy on Beacon Hill”

  1. Don’t forget the skate park and MTS trail extension. Both are currently under construction and scheduled to be completed before it gets too rainy.

  2. Dylan–we need to check out the skate park construction! Someone *ahem* should take pictures & share updates…

  3. oh, and the new Asa Mercer Playfields are under construction AND all the work in the Jose Rizal orchard/off leash area AND signs have gone up marking the first Neighborhood Greenway on Beacon Hill (18th Ave S).

    Lots of activity!

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