Mountains to Sound Trail grand opening celebration Saturday

The end is here! …of the Mountains to Sound Trail project, that is. The portion of the trail on Beacon Hill is completed, and the community is invited to come out and celebrate the grand opening and ribbon cutting this Saturday, October 29 at 2:30 p.m., at the trail’s northeast point, 900 Sturgus Ave. S. (That’s just adjacent to Daejeon Park.)

Mayor Mike McGinn, Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith, Mountains to Sound Greenway Executive Director Cynthia Welti, and others will participate in the celebration. There will be a tour offered for all to learn about the new improvements around the trail.

The trail is part of the Mountains to Sound Greenway, 1.5 million acres of green space and trails extending from Ellensburg in Central Washington to Seattle.

Construction of this portion of the trail began in June 2011. Find out more about the project on the project website.

2 thoughts on “Mountains to Sound Trail grand opening celebration Saturday”

  1. This is a great trail and a cool addition to our neighborhood. FYI, the sign at the Sturgess trailhead points cyclists in the opposite direction if they’re wanting to head to the Int’l District. The arrow should be pointing north (to the right), and it points to the south.

  2. I live on Sturgus Ave S and plan on using the trail for recreational walking. It’s great! I do have a question about the rather abrupt ending of the trail, though. Is there anything planned for the future so cyclists can continue safely instead of either turning around (because it’s the end of the trail) or jumping onto the rather unsafe Holgate Bridge? It doesn’t appear that there is any feasible solution for bicycles and the trail has been pretty empty whenever either my husband or I use it. He’s a walker who commutes by foot from SODO, and he’s a happy camper (or walker), but it’s a little scary in the dark.

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