More information about station block apartment project available

This was one of the slides with design alternatives discussed at Tuesday's Early Design Guidance meeting. The designs are preliminary and not very detailed yet; this is only a rough indication of what might end up on the site. Click the image to access the PDF with the entire presentation.
The packet of information presented at Tuesday’s Early Design Guidance meeting for the McClellan Apartments development on the Beacon Hill Station block has now been posted on the Department of Planning and Development website. Download the PDF here. It’s well-worth reading, containing a lot of information about the project and the versions that are being considered.

Other local publications posted about the EDG meeting yesterday:

2 thoughts on “More information about station block apartment project available”

  1. Thanks Wendi and everyone who went to the meeting and reported back from it. I was at a class I couldn’t skip.

    Personally, I think most setbacks end up making building that look like they belong in 1980’s suburban office parks, and I’d rather not see architects’ hands tied by requiring them. If I had to pick one out of the proposals, I’d choose Scheme B, although I wouldn’t be opposed to retail on the 17th side as well.

    It’s a shame this isn’t a bigger building, spanning adjacent lots, with only one parking entrance off the alley. If we end up with multiple buildings and multiple entrances, the idea of significant retail frontage in the alley is pretty much a lost cause.

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