Design Review Board to discuss 25th Ave apartment project

The Design Review Board is holding a public meeting on December 13 to discuss the development project proposed for 2715 25th Ave. S. and 2615 25th Ave. S., on the east slope of Beacon Hill just west of the Rite Aid/QFC building. (Meeting announcements are here and here.)

The project proposes the construction of two 7-story apartment buildings with a combined total of 307 units, including parking for 297 vehicles. The lots currently contain five mid-century single family homes.

See the DPD permit information here and here.

An Early Design Guidance Meeting was held on June 28 to discuss this project. Here is the project report presented by the development team at that time. You can read a summary of the meeting and the guidance from the Design Review Board here. At the December 13 meeting, the applicants will present the revised design and discuss how they have responded to the priorities and concerns brought up at the Early Design meeting. The public is invited to attend and comment.

The meeting is on Tuesday, December 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the WellSpring Family Services community room at 1900 Rainier Ave. S.

This was one possible site plan shown at the June Early Design Guidance meeting. At the December 13 meeting, the public will be able to see how the concept has changed.

3 thoughts on “Design Review Board to discuss 25th Ave apartment project”

  1. Can anyone who attended the June meeting comment on how the discussion around street access went? In particular, I have some concerns about 300 cars taking a right turn in the middle of the McClellan hill during rush hour, although hopefully a lot of the residents would be using the site’s ease of access to mass transit instead. The meeting notes seem to indicate a generally positive response to the parking access.

  2. Does anyone know when 25th ave was cut off to dead end into the Wendys parking lot?

    Seems like both 24th and 25th should run (for pedestrians at least) from McClellan to Bayview.

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