Crime notes: Neighbor reports assault by laughing, bat-wielding teenagers

Neighbor Dayna writes about a scary situation near 13th and Snoqualmie on Tuesday night:

“While walking home from the bus at 6:45pm Tuesday night, my neighbor (40ish-something male) was jumped and beaten with a baseball bat by about a half-dozen teenage boys. The boys didn’t rob him, but laughed as they were swinging the bat at his head before jumping in a car that was waiting for them. He was only a block away from his house, which by the way is also just a few blocks from Maple park and Maple school. It has shaken up our neighborhood. We’ve also had a few home break-ins this past week, more than usual back to back, but the violence against our friend and neighbor has hit us all hard. We’re just not sure what could have been done differently in this situation… A grown man, walking home from the bus in the early evening, attacked by young men while laughing. We’re just not sure what to think about this.”

Also in crime, we’ve been hearing about a few car prowls and burglaries in the last few weeks on the neighborhood mailing lists and in emails to the Beacon Hill Blog. Neighbor Josh writes:

“I wanted to report two of our cars at [the 2000 block of] S Horton St were broken into last night [11/15]. Both driver side windows were shattered and the cars were rummaged through with no significant items taken. I can’t count how many times our cars have been broken into but it’s unfortunate. We leave nothing valuable in the car but it seems to keep happening. Just wanted to get this info out to everyone.”

Another neighbor wrote in late October:

“Prowlers broke into both of my cars. 1 car on Monday night, and came back on Tuesday for wife’s car, alarms went off both times. Nothing much taken just an empty backpack.”

Some folks in the 1900 block South Lander Street must be feeling unsafe right now. On November 12, their residence was burglarized for the second time in two months. The burglar(s) got away with four credit cards, and promptly used one of them at Nike Town ($700+) and Starbucks ($200). Anyone in the area sporting new shoes and a new espresso machine?

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  1. Last week I was riding my bike down 13th, between Nevada and Oregon, and a car with two teen boys and one teen girl drive buy and screamed at me and then swerved in front of me. I wasn’t in their was, was previously minding my own business, and it was clear they were looking to scare someone. I watched them drive for three to four blocks speeding and zig zag’ing on the rode. Wonder if it’s the same teens?

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