5 thoughts on “Chicken on the loose!”

  1. Wendi: I tend chickens at 18th & Massachusetts, and I am distressed at your missing Caramel. I can imagine nothing worse than missing one of girls at dusk. I was, in fact, walking in your neighborhood about 5 and only wish I could have seen her. Please update if you will. Richard

  2. Hi Richard,

    It’s not my chicken that is missing, it is Heather’s. I just posted it for her. I hope the chicken is found soon!

  3. I’m a concerned chicken owner just up the street…I feel for you Heather…it could happen to any of us…now that it gets dark early, I’m dilegent about getting them tucked safely in the house early….before the ‘witching hour’s…

  4. Hi Richard, Thanks for your concern. I did find her this morning. She spent the night in the chiminea. She has never ever done this before. The wind blew the door shut and usually the huddle next to the door until I put them in if they get locked out at dark. When I went to put them in she was the only one missing. I looked all over the yard and around the neighborhood and couldn’t find her! She was so smart to go for cover in the chiminea! A happy ending…

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