Early design guidance meeting scheduled for 12th Ave project

The Design Review Board will gather for an early design guidance meeting on December 13 to discuss an apartment development project proposed for 1814 12th Ave. S., one block west of Beacon Hill Playground.

The proposal is to demolish the existing single-family residence on the site (which is zoned Lowrise 3) and build a four-story, 23-unit apartment building. There would be 12 underground parking spaces provided.

At an early design guidance meeting such as this one, applicants present information about the site and the project. Public comment is then allowed, and the members of the Design Review Board will give their comments and suggest guidelines for the continuation of the development project.

The meeting is on Tuesday, December 13 at 8 p.m., at the WellSpring Family Services Center community room, 1900 Rainier Ave. S. For further information, contact planner Bruce Phillip Rips, at 206-615-1392.

The site of the proposed apartment building. View a larger map at Google Maps.

2 thoughts on “Early design guidance meeting scheduled for 12th Ave project”

  1. As Barnaby wrote in a BAN email: “23 units over 3 floors (leaving-out the parking level) would mean approximately 8 units per floor, for average unit size of 3,600sf/8 = 450 sf.”

    I’m certainly not opppsed to increased density, but that’s a lot of very small apartments!

    2 room studios aren’t very family friendly, which is a shame because it’s a block from a great school, BHIS.

    I think we need to go to this meeting and make sure the developers are thinking about more than maximizing their profits.

  2. I don’t really have an opinion about the building, but you should check that math since the description says the parking is underground. There are four above ground stories proposed.

    23/4 = 5.75. If the footprint is 3,600sf (I assume that was looked up, since it’s not in the meeting info) the average size size would be 626sf.

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