Seattle Mag loves Beacon Hill

Seattle Magazine has given Beacon Hill some extra love recently, with a neighborhood feature and a review of the new Indian restaurant Travelers Thali House in the current issue. Last month they reviewed Bar del Corso and profiled local bicycle activist Dylan Ahearn.

Beacon Hill was featured in an “Urban Safari” by Patrick Hutchison, which mentioned a collection of Beacon businesses, including Kusina Filipina, El Quetzal, Despi Delite Bakery, The Station, Victrola, NEPO House and Jefferson Park:

“Long treasured for its diversity, Beacon Hill is amassing a trove of new tastes, out-of-the-box art and community music spaces—not to mention the new light rail station that provides quick and easy access for residents and day-trippers alike.”

The review of Travelers Thali House, by Allison Austin Scheff, is pretty darned positive: “For years, there have been complaints about the lack of (and lacking) Indian food options in Seattle. I’m here to tell you: Travelers is the answer to your prayers.” Is it going to become as hard to get a table there as at Bar del Corso?

Not yet, says Scheff in “Rooting for the Underdog, Restaurant Version“: “It’s a bittersweet review for me because the restaurant is so good, so welcoming, and the food is lovely in so many ways. But where is everyone? Travelers was virtually empty on each of my three visits.”

Speaking of Bar del Corso, last month Scheff had more superlatives about that restaurant: “First things first: This place makes the best margherita pizza in Seattle.”

Restaurants are not the only Beacon Hill fixtures that the magazine has drawn folks’ attention to lately. Last month, Dylan Ahearn, chairperson of Beacon BIKES (and BHB contributor), was included in a profile of 5 volunteers who are contributing to positive change in their neighborhoods.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Mag loves Beacon Hill”

  1. I’ve lived here for 23 years and we always thought Beacon Hill deserved more love. It finally seems that people are really starting to see and feel how unique and wonderful we are! It’s also great that new businesses are establishing roots here, and very important that we all patronize them as well as the establishments that have been here longer.

  2. With regards to Scheff’s “Rooting for the Underdog” review, my family and I have been to Traveler’s now a half dozen times, and while it was pretty empty the first couple times, I do feel like the last few times it’s been pretty busy. Not Bar Del Corso style lines, mind, but at least 3/4ths of the tables full (with new tables added). Maybe its finally finding its audience.

    Fingers crossed.

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