Is this your dog?

This friendly, fixed pit is waiting at the Seattle Animal Shelter for his family to find him. Photo submitted by Twitter user @gabekerbrat.

(Editor’s note, 1/13: We have been told that the dog is back with his family now.)

Are you missing a pit bull? A neighbor reported to us via Twitter:

“Found this beautiful fixed male pit trying to get into our yard to play. South Beacon Hill. We had to take him to the Seattle Animal Shelter. They will hold him and can be contacted about him. He was super sweet.”

One thought on “Is this your dog?”

  1. He looks similar to a dog I often see with his owner at the bus stop at Beacon & 15th, or across the street over by Inay’s. Could just be a similar-looking pit, but could be the same. I don’t know the folks, it’s a woman in a wheelchair, and a man, usually.

    There’s also a light-colored pit I saw last week in a yard near my house (also near the Beacon & 15th intersection). I had never seen him before last week, so he could be new to the neighborhood. I will stop by that house and make sure their dog is safe and sound. I will also keep an eye out in the coming days for the gal and guy at the bus stops with their dog.

    What a sweetie! I hope we can find his owner(s)!

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