Recent break-ins cause concern

Neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list have been warning about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood.

First, neighbor Heather posted:

“Friday night at around 4 a.m. my friend witnessed a car being broken into from his window. He called the police and was on the phone with them as they were pulling up, but the guy got away. Apparently, his method of choice was to break in, leave the car door open slightly and leave the car until the unknown car owner maybe looks out and doesn’t see anything so they turn their car alarm off. Once they turn it off the guy comes back and takes what he wants. Pretty clever idea. Moral of the story, don’t assume it is wind if your car alarm goes off and you don’t see anyone. He will be back. This happened on 16th Avenue South.”

Then neighbor Krizten reported:

“My neighbor’s house got robbed today (Tuesday) between 9-11am this morning. She lives above the greenbelt as you come up Holgate from the west. The police believed the burglar(s) came up thru the greenbelt. They smashed a window on that backside of the house and ransacked her bedroom mainly, stealing a jewelry box, walkman and various other small objects.

“This is the second time she’s been broken into this year… A pretty similar burglary happened to another neighbor about 8 doors north of her about 2 weeks ago.

“I believe it also happened between similar hours and the items stolen were similar and included her work laptop. She believes someone was actually watching to see when she left.”

Crimes are only one of the topics discussed on the neighborhood mailing list. Other topics have included missing chickens, recommendations for child care, snow removal, and the quality of Beacon Hill broadband. To join the mailing list, go here.