The Oak under construction; opening planned for Spring

This building is currently being gutted and remodeled in preparation for transformation into "The Oak." Photo by Joel Lee.
(Full disclosure: BHB contributor Joel Lee has worked with one of the owners of The Oak in the past. He asked them for a bit of information about the new project. – Ed.)

I was pleasantly surprised stepping into the building at 3019 Beacon Ave. S. to discover its large, inviting, well-lit interior. Over the years a series of businesses have passed through this space with such crowded window coverings that I always imagined the interior to be dark and tiny. Although it is still in the early stages of a major remodel, it is now easy to see the potential of this space that attracted the new owners (Tim Purtill, Kelly Staton, Lisa Jack, and Mat Brooke) to open their new restaurant/bar The Oak in our neighborhood.

This group has already launched a bar on Capitol Hill in 2006 (The Redwood) and promises to bring parts of their successful formula (and hopefully their spicy sweet potato fries) to Beacon Hill with an emphasis on local-sourced, organic American comfort foods and local breweries.

The owners are holding their cards close to their chests and are not ready to give out too many particulars, as they are finding the right balance between all-ages restaurant and grown-ups-only bar. It is, however, safe to assume a spring opening as they are working diligently on the space. Two of the owners are also moving to North Beacon and plan to bring to The Oak that local touch and community focus that comes with living on the hill.

(Editor’s note: Co-owner Lisa Jack told the BHB in an email that “We hope to have an all-ages room with our full menu that will close at 10, and the lounge will be cozied in the back operating all day with a full menu also. We haven’t decided on the hours yet.”)

9 thoughts on “The Oak under construction; opening planned for Spring”

  1. We certainly don’t expect a “Geraldines” on Beacon Hill,but I would welcome good ol’ American homestyle foods for breakfast or brunch. We also like the Silver Fork on Rainier Ave., next to Safeway and the mall.(they serve grits).

    It is tremendously expensive to build a lounge/restaurant from scratch, plus ” jumping through the hoops” for licenses and permits. This ,plus making a profit after the grand opening rush. Food service is one of the scariest options to get into. Best wishes !


  2. What I am wondering is if there will be any room for live music in there? I suppose it depends on how they lay it out.

  3. @Paul: For a variety of reasons, I’d be surprised if they have live music there on any sort of regular basis, especially early on.

  4. This is exciting. This is exactly the type of restaurant Beacon Hill needs. The Mighty Oak will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Thank you to the owners for looking to Beacon Hill as a good place to invest.

  5. It would be great to see more investment moving onto Beacon Ave. New restaurants and bars that support evening activities would be a welcome addition. Please let us know how we can express our support, and thanks for bringing The Oak to our neighborhood.

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