City making investment in Beacon Hill’s business district

Today, Mayor Mike McGinn announced a $1.1 million investment in 19 neighborhood business districts, including Beacon Hill, as part of the Seattle Jobs Plan.

Of that $1.1 million, the lion’s share is going toward “comprehensive, multi-year” strategies” developed by the business communities in some neighborhoods, including the Central Area, Chinatown/International District, Columbia City, MLK (Rainier Valley), Rainier Beach, and others. Beacon Hill is not included in this list.

However, $142,500 of the total will be going to support focused investments in certain neighborhoods, along with the Only In Seattle marketing campaign and a drive to form Business Improvement Areas (BIA). Beacon Hill won’t be getting a BIA or the Only In Seattle push, but the neighborhood will be seeing focused investment, as will several other neighborhoods, mostly in south Seattle: Belltown, Columbia City, Georgetown, Madison Valley, Rainier Beach, Sodo, South Park, and White Center. Still, once you divide $142,500 among all of those neighborhoods, it’s probably going to be a relatively small investment here on the Hill.

We’re not yet sure what sort of “focused investments” Beacon Hill is in line for, but we are gathering further information. Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “City making investment in Beacon Hill’s business district”

  1. Why is it that Beacon Hill continues to be the forgotten neighborhood in Seattle? Does anyone know why BEHI isn’t receiving any funds like the other neighborhoods?

  2. The impression I got was that the “‘comprehensive, multi-year strategies’ developed by the business communities in some neighborhoods” were initiatives that only certain neighborhoods might have completed so far, or something like that. However, that is only a guess and I am waiting for more information from folks who know.

  3. The tile of this post is misleading. After reading the post it sounds like Beacon Hill is getting squat. Doesn’t seems political correct for the City’s largest “neighborhood” to get the least amount of funding from the City.

  4. Even if the money isn’t that much for Beacon Hill, it could possibly pay for some garbage cans and maybe a water fountain (maybe with one of those lower “doggie fountains?) for the Roberto Maestas Festival Street. Just one idea.

  5. I really adore Columbia City, and I’m glad they’re getting additional investment by the city. I have this (probably vain) hope that their influence will spill outwards along Rainier Avenue and make more of that area desirable for living and walking.

    With that said, though, I’m sad that we don’t rate as highly with the city’s planners. Beacon Hill’s retail and services scene has languished for decades, and I believe we need investment capital even more than Columbia City, which is already past recovery and well on its way to expansion.

    Here’s hoping the investments they do make are good ones.

  6. Agreed that Columbia City already seems to be revitalizing and thriving — Beacon Hill probably needs it more. However, the city probably wants to see a plan in place.

  7. Having worked with this pot of funds, the City is likely laying the groundwork here for a merchants association so that it can grant more funds later. It needs an organization in the neighborhood to do this through, not just one biz owner.

  8. Very disappointing news. If any neighborhood needs investment in it’s business district it is Beacon Hill. Any suggestions on what we can do to get some of those funds?

  9. I hope the BH Merchant’s Assoc has some grant applications in progress & that we’ll see some more money directed to our business district.

    Beacon Hill has gotten funding–a lot of it–in the last several years. New library, light rail station, Jefferson Park, etc. Great, expensive amenities that I’m super excited & proud to have.

  10. The Merchants Association was formed just to take advantage of opportunities like this, and we have pursued them diligently. (Anyone who’s interested and wants to help, contact us through our website or come to our March meeting, Friday the 16th 10 am in our office adjacent to the library!). This year we received $38000, a slight increase from last year. We will be spending that money on event sponsorship (last year we did the xmas tree lighting at El Centro, the Pinata Party, the NEPO art walk, and others) and on holding the Beacon Boogie (last year we did one in October, we hope to do three this year). It also goes to rent and maintain (and staff) our office, to do outreach and support to existing businesses, and to recruit new businesses and smart development. This year we will also be starting a revitalization plan for our commercial district. There are many other projects we have that are just beginning, but the point is that we are working very hard, with a lot of volunteer labor, to do just the things that will make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, dine, and shop.

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