Occupy Beacon Hill to picket Chase Bank in Othello today

Activists have formed a local group, Occupy Beacon Hill, which will be picketing Chase Bank in the Othello neighborhood today at 4 p.m. as part of a national Occupy protest action against Chase.

March 13 was chosen for the date of the protest as it is Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s birthday, as well as the court date for the “Chase 5”: members of Occupy Seattle who chained themselves inside the Broadway Chase branch and were arrested.

Occupy Beacon Hill will protest the Chase branch located at 7100 Martin Luther King Junior Way South, between Myrtle and Othello, next to Othello Station. For more information, call 206-203-2125.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Beacon Hill to picket Chase Bank in Othello today”

  1. Don’t get me wrong,I am for protests and these hardy souls who are out to symbolize protests against the big banks and the Wall Street robber barons.
    But I have yet to see any concrete favorable results for we common people all over the USA from the Occupy protests that in some cases have been usurped by some homeless and other less non peaceful groups, which I feel Occupy was not a part.

    Locally , I have see only more tax payer costs to such Occupy protests as the campers at the Broadway Community College, and vandalism elsewhere,that have cost the city of Seattle nearly a half million dollars for police, cleanup etc.
    These big banks and financial corporation are actually too big to fail ,or change their policies for our benefit, in my view, even with huge bailouts of our taxpayer dollars, which the banks seem to be hoarding.
    Again I am for protests such as changing your bank to a credit union like BECU, Where I hear their savings dividend is 6% , and which I plan to do. I also send donations to those who have clout in influencing changes for us , the middle class.

  2. Yaaaawwwwwwwwnnn…

    Water always finds its level. Too bad the pockets of our politicians are so easily filled. They crow so loudly, but will always make sure the check cashes first.

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