Lockmore neighbors have a blog

It has come to the BHB’s attention that Lockmore, a neighborhood within Mid-Beacon Hill, has its own neighborhood blog.

Beacon Hill actually contains quite a few neighborhoods — the Hill is huge, and really isn’t a neighborhood so much as a meta-neighborhood, like West Seattle. (This was the subject of some discussion in the early days of this blog.) Are there other blogs for the Hill’s neighborhoods that we need to know about?

2 thoughts on “Lockmore neighbors have a blog”

  1. Hi. I checked out their blog but couldn’t figure out which area within Beacon was Lockmore. Do you know? Thank you.

  2. According to the Seattle Times: “a pocket of large, upscale homes along an eastern-view bluff just south of Columbian Way and east of Beacon Avenue that looks more like Laurelhurst or North Admiral in West Seattle than Beacon Hill.”

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