Beacon Bits: Movie lights and skate park lights

Jefferson Park sidewalk. Photo by Joel Lee in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.

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Local group Blue Scholars have a short film contest in progress to promote their album Cinemetropolis. See this video for details. Deadline is April 6.

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The Seattle P-I has a photo series, “What Seattle neighborhood are you?” Beacon Hill is represented, but we daresay they don’t know us very well: “BEACON HILL: You were happily climbing the social ladder until you found out the love of your life was two-timing you with then-grungy South Lake Union. Forget Amazon. You can do better than that, Beacon Hill.” Love of our life? Bah. They wish.

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Apparently the lighting at the new Jefferson Skate Park is less than ideal. But Seattle Parks is working on getting it right.

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Former Beacon Hill resident Roger Valdez published an article recently in the Seattle Transit Blog with a radical anti-zoning suggestion: “Beacon Hill: The Revolution Won’t Be Measured in Feet.” But then he followed up with another Beacon-centric post: “Zeroing in on Beacon Hill.” What do you think of his suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Beacon Bits: Movie lights and skate park lights”

  1. All of the PI neighborhood captions were pretty lame. But I’m curious what the business is in the photo they have for Beacon Hill? Is that really somewhere here on BH? If so, it looks like a nice place and I’d like to go…

  2. I totally disagree with Roger about eliminating zoning. It’s a ridiculous idea and he would be the first to freak out if/when the inevitable low-density development started to build out. We need zoning so we don’t get car washes near light rail stations. We need zoning so we don’t get permanent parking lots near light rail stations. We need zoning because developers don’t always place what’s best for an entire community above what can get them the fastest dollar.

  3. The “Zeroing In” article is better. I like the idea of viewing Beacon Hill in concentric circles, and I agree with Roger’s circles. I really really like the idea of connecting Beacon Hill with SODO for peds & bikes. Holgate is a pedestrian nightmare but could easily be a reasonable stroll. I’d also like to be better connected with Mt Baker as a pedestrian. Fixing the sidewalk on the north side of McClellan would make it a much easier and safer walk.

  4. Steve – that photo is from Grown Folks Coffee, which unfortunately closed at least two years ago. It was replaced by a martial arts studio, and now is a coffee shop once again, Beacon Espresso.. It’s next to Redbird Sports at Beacon and Columbian.

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