Beacon Hill contributes to “Spiral of Hope” in Lake Union Park

Part of Beacon Hill will become a new temporary sculpture in Lake Union Park: “Spiral of Hope.” Thousands of tree branches from Dr. Jose Rizal Park and the greenbelt on the northwest side of Beacon Hill will be gathered and assembled by community volunteers to build the spiral, which will remain at Lake Union Park until June 17. The work is intended to give a diverse group of community members a chance to work together, as well as to stimulate thought and discussions about the issue of family homelessness.

Kiersten Throndsen of BHB news partner KOMO Communities recently posted about the project:

“Hope, opportunity, community – these are the words used to describe a new sculpture coming to Lake Union Park.

“‘We think art is an inspiring process,’ said Bryan Ohno, president of Urban Art Concept.

“Last fall, Ohno was approached by several students from Seattle University who shared a vision.

“‘They came to us and were wondering if we could use art as a tool to bring more awareness to family homelessness throughout the state of Washington,’ he said.

“Their idea sparked the ‘Spiral of Hope’ project.

“‘Usually someone is spiraling down, out of control but we are going to do the opposite, our spiral will soar up,’ said Ohno.”

Ohno worked with Beacon Hill resident Craig Thompson to organize the branch collection. Volunteers gathered branches at Rizal Park last weekend, but the project continues at the park this coming weekend as well (April 21-22). To join the volunteer project, sign up at the Facebook page, send an email to with “Spiral Project Volunteer” in the subject line, or call 206-459-6857.

Volunteers are also needed to help build the sculpture on weekends starting on Friday, April 27 at Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue North. The sculpture opens with a reception on Friday, May 18.

2 thoughts on “Beacon Hill contributes to “Spiral of Hope” in Lake Union Park”

  1. We all enjoy art in it’s many forms and art ,as with many things, is all in the eye of the beholder.
    This interesting “Spiral of Hope” is indeed interesting. One of the redeeming values is all the work
    in clearing and cleanup of the south portion of the “jungle”.

    If the “sculpture” is only to be viewed at Lake Vulcan and the Park until June 17, perhaps it can be moved to Beacon Hill and an appropriate location in Jefferson Park.

    It may or may not be of interest to the homeless, but perhaps it will “jog” Jeff Bezoz of
    Amazon ,who has apparently been viewed as “stingy” in his giving status,toward further giving to organizations benefiting the homeless, and other socio-economic problems in our communities.

    While I have no reason to ever, ever go to South Lake Union. Again however , if the “Spiral of Hope” artwork is moveable ,
    It would look grand in Jefferson Park. L L NBH

    PS: I would like to see a great mural “painting” on the retaining walls at the south end of the Dr. Rizal,(12th Ave) bridge,perhaps showing our history and diversity, and the “Portal to North Beacon Hill”.

  2. Julie Lindell is a wonderful Seattle “Stick Sculpture” Artist who has shown her work all over the West Coast. Look up her website, “Julie Lindell Seattle Artist” and you will see it. I love
    her work and she is an expert. She had a big star in Westlake Park awhile ago. It was great!
    You might want to contact her.

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