Make “Canning Connections” and good eats at class 7/18

Photo by Carissa Rogers via Creative Commons/Flickr.

Interested in canning and preserving your garden produce? The Beacon Hill Garden Club and Rainier Valley Eats are hosting a “Canning Connections” class on Wednesday, July 18 from 7-9 p.m. at the Garden House (2336 Beacon Ave. S.).

The event organizers say “We’ll be using the best organic fruit available and provide everything you’ll need (except the apron)… We’ll share resources, recipes, stories and go home with jars of goodness.” The session is hands-on and those with all levels of experience are welcome to attend, from beginners to veteran canners.

The class is limited to 10, and the class fee is $15, payable the night of the session. To register, email

2 thoughts on “Make “Canning Connections” and good eats at class 7/18”

  1. I remember Mamma doing home canning on the late ’30’sand 40’s and the prepping of fruit and vegetables. The Elberta peaches and pears came from Eastern Washington, Mamma always ordered a couple boxes of each, when the neighbor took a trailer and drove to Wenatchee for them.

    These weren’t the little hard baseball size from the stores , but huge ripe ones ready to can, after blanching and no sugar ,filling the Kerr jars (still available today) and boiling in a water bath for 2 hours or so. The end result wasn’t the rubbery product available in cans today.

    I urge those who want to learn about home canning at the Garden House to go and learn what home canning is all about ,and have a product,with a little work ,that makes it worthwhile over the tin can product. L L.

    PS: even guys can do it. If you go to the thrift stores for jars,etc., be sure there are no nicks in the rim of the glass, if there is they won’t seal properly. But always new lids of course.

  2. Lenny, you are so right about those home canned peaches. We were recently gifted quite a few quart jars by a generous neighbor so peaches may just be the next batch up!
    It’s a lovely drive to Yakima for boxes of goodness.

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