Mayor asks FAA for more comment time, south end meeting

This is part of a map on the Greener Skies website labeled “Future South Flow Arrival Procedures Over Current Flight Track Density, North of Airport.” See the full map here.
The West Seattle Blog reports that Mayor Mike McGinn has sent the FAA a letter asking for an extension on the comment period for the “Greener Skies” proposal. (See earlier posts here and here.) The letter also requests that a public comment meeting be held in South Seattle, and for the FAA to set up a meeting with the mayor to brief him on the Greener Skies initiative.

Here is the full text of the mayor’s letter:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Greener Skies Environmental Assessment.

Since the public comment period on the Greener Skies Initiative was announced, I have been hearing from residents throughout Seattle about the possible impacts the proposed flight operation changes could have regarding jet engine noise over their neighborhoods.

In particular, those concerned neighborhoods are primarily from areas where flight operations are already a significant issue. While it appears that these new procedures could reduce noise overall and narrow flight paths, it is unclear whether or not these changes might direct flights disproportionately over a specific community, who could then experience greater noise impacts as a result.

The residents of many areas of Seattle are concerned that they have not had an adequate opportunity either to hear from the FAA about these proposed changes or to comment on them. I respectfully request that the FAA extend the comment period on the Greener Skies EA an additional 30 days and in that interim period schedule a public comment meeting in a south Seattle location, as the prior meeting was on the opposite side of the city. I would also like a meeting with FAA staff to receive a briefing to better understand the desired goals of the initiative and how they will be achieved.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Thanks to WSB for the heads-up!

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  1. Thanks, Mayor Mike! You promised to address this issue at the Town Hall and have followed through admirably.

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