Quince to star in next Canning Connections workshop

Quinces photographed by Franca Piccione, via Creative Commons/Flickr.
This month’s Canning Connections workshop at North Beacon Hill’s Garden House on Tuesday, October 23, will feature a fruit that may be unfamiliar to some: quince. According to the Canning Connections folks, “A fruit prized in many cultures, quince is a relative of apples and pears (and roses). When cooked it turns a lovely shade of pink. It can be put up as jam, jelly, added to applesauce, preserved as slices in syrup and made into quince paste or “cheese”. Persian and Moroccan cooks use quince in aromatic stews. It is a fruit that can be hard to find in stores and markets.”

All neighbors are welcome to drop by Tuesday’s workshop between 7:30-8:30 p.m. to sample previous canning efforts, pick up recipe sheets, and buy organic quince for $3 per pound.

Canning Connections comes to the Garden House, 2336 15th Ave. S., on the fourth Tuesday of each month. For more information, see the website.