Seattle Met: Bar del Corso one of Seattle’s best restaurants

Photo by Dapper Lad Cycles in the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr.
Bar del Corso on Beacon Avenue South is featured in the annual Seattle Met Best Restaurants list for 2012. Writer Kathryn Robinson says “[Seattle’s] soul resides in the mom-and-pop neighborhood restaurants that dot the city like a starry constellation. Jerry Corso’s Beacon Hill pizzeria provides the blueprint for how it’s done.”

The only other Southeast Seattle restaurant mentioned is Columbia City’s Full Tilt Ice Cream.

Read about Bar del Corso, Full Tilt, and the 23 other restaurants included on the list here.

8 thoughts on “Seattle Met: Bar del Corso one of Seattle’s best restaurants”

  1. Both are great places. Put a Full Tilt in the space next to Bar del Corso and it would be the perfect neighborhood block.

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