Beacon Hill’s 2012 in images

These images, from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr and from our own archive, should remind you of some of the events and sights of 2012. These are not necessarily the best photos of the year (though some certainly would be included in that list), but ones that I felt really captured the events of 2012 for us. There were far more photos in the pool that I wanted to use — including some truly beautiful and skillful ones. Please visit the pool to enjoy more work by talented Beacon Hill photographyers, and consider contributing your photos of Beacon Hill to the pool.

Thank you to all the wonderful photographers who have contributed so much! You are much appreciated. Happy New Year, everyone!

A January snowstorm made things icy, but beautiful. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.
During the same snow, Joel Lee used the tilt-shift technique to make North Beacon Hill near Jefferson Park look like a snowy miniature village.
The next month Joel Lee managed to photograph this heartfelt, ephemeral Valentine’s Day artwork in Jefferson Park before it disappeared.
Samoan cricket players played regular games at Jefferson Park. Photo by Matthew Mar.
This 1950s-era billboard appeared on the side of a Beacon Hill building last spring when the newer siding was removed. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.
Ameyaltonal were among the performers at a street party in June. Photo by Dan Bennett.

It is not every day you see a giant chicken guarding the crosswalk on Beacon Avenue. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.
The long-awaited opening of the Beacon Mountain playground in July gave Beacon Hill kids a lot of enjoyment. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.
The Tony Hawk Birdhouse Left Coast Tour came to Jefferson Park last summer, drawing a crowd to the skate park to watch world class skateboarding. Photo by Furchin (and you really should click the photo and then see his other photos taken at the same event. They are spectacular).
The annual “Seattle Night Out” drew neighbors to block parties all over the Hill. Photo by Sergey.
At one neighborhood block party in August, residents worked on new signs to slow traffic on their street. Photo by Bridget Christian.
This is the year ground broke for the Beacon Food Forest (which got national press, including a mention in Craig Ferguson’s monologue, of all things!). Photo of Kalina and Aaron by K. Shuyler.
By October, two new long-awaited pub/restaurants had opened on North Beacon Hill: Tippe and Drague and the Oak, pictured here. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.
After a delayed start, we had a long and glorious summer. But, as always, the rains returned. Photo by Robert Kangas.
Community members memorialized those who have left us, at El Centro de la Raza’s Día de los Muertos. Photo by Wendi Dunlap/Beacon Hill Blog.

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