Have you seen Harley?

Neighbor Drew sent in a plea for help finding a lost mini goldendoodle dog named Harley:

“Some may say she looks like a grey mini poodle. Lost on the evening of 12/30 in the north Beacon Hill area near Sturgus Avenue and 12th. She was last seen on 12/31 in the area of Atlantic Avenue near the Cherry Hill townhomes. A neighbor mentioned a woman (perhaps with a German or European accent) was trying to help find her home and was knocking on a few houses in the area. If you know this person or think you may be this person, please contact me. It would be so greatly appreciated. Someone also mentioned they saw her later on 12/31 up in the area around the Red Apple market.

“She is microchipped. She is extremely important to her family and is missed at home. Please please if you see her or have found her email drew.varnes@gmail.com or call 206-795-3441 and leave a voicemail. A third contact is 206-557-9602. Thank you. There is a monetary reward for her return.”

Harley’s family is very serious about searching for the dog. Some neighbors on the Beacon Hill mailing list reported receiving unusual “Lost Dog” robo-calls yesterday about this same dog from petamberalert.com, a paid service that sends out telephone and poster notifications about lost pets.

This goldendoodle is lost.
This goldendoodle is lost.

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  1. For anyone willing to pass information along, please see the attached website that I am using to help track her down. If you see her, please if you can do your best to get her somewhere warm. I am most concerned about her well-being in this cold weather.

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