Unlucky neighbors burgled twice in December

Neighbor Alice writes:

“I wanted to get the word out that our house has been broken into two times this month. The first time was during the day, while we were out. The second time was while we were out of town for the holidays. The police think it was the same perpetrators and are working to make connections between the robberies. Both times, they took computers and jewelry.

“I’d like to get this info out to the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and also learn if other people have experienced similar crime. We live near Graham and 23rd S.”

Any BHB readers have information to contribute?

3 thoughts on “Unlucky neighbors burgled twice in December”

  1. Not a good 2012 ending for Alice. I know this sounds mean, but after the first burglary, I would have taken measures to hide valuable items and even the computer.
    Of course, if they are the same hoods they would certainly know the layout of the house . An alternative is to have a house sitter or trusted neighbor stay in the house for a few dollars. Not much can be more shocking that to come back to your burgled home. Many of us know the feeling.

    Again, apologies , but wishing all a better new year.

  2. Sorry to hear about the robberies. My family and I live a little north of you, near 17th and Shelton, and had a very similar break-in back in the late Summer/early Fall. Jewelry and electronics stolen. I’d check on Craigslist, and see if your electronics show up there. I was pretty sure I watched several pieces of my electronics get sold there, but couldn’t prove anything because I didn’t record serial numbers… maybe you were more diligent about that though.

    In addition to our break-in, which was several months ago, three different houses within a block or two of us have been broken into in the last month or so. I believe all three have actually been afternoon break-ins.

    Sorry again.

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