Neighbors report break-ins and suspicious cars

There have been a few vehicle break-ins lately as well as a suspicious car driving around the neighborhood.

Neighbor Rosie wrote to send a video of two men burglarizing her husband’s work van. She says,

“This happened early Saturday (Jan 26th) at 5:40 a.m. We got the footage from our security camera and have given it to the police but are hoping that the neighborhood community could also keep an eye out. We believe they backed up to the van and loaded everything into the back or bed of a truck. We have multiple shots from a 20 minute period of time where they came and surveyed the van, somehow got in, and eventually made off with lot of plumbing tools. This robbery took place on North Beacon Hill at the cross streets of 13th Ave and So Hill St. Any help or assistance in any way would be much appreciated. My email address is”

Here is the video.

Another neighbor, Jessica, writes:

“Seems as if there have been some car break-ins around the 39XX block of 14th Ave S.

“My car was broken into and stuff was tossed around and the only thing they actually took was a book of 10 year old CD’s that were in my trunk. My husband and neighbor both got their cars broken into about a week later (this week) nothing appears to have been taken but things were tossed around significantly. Another neighbor said he noticed a later model silver Volvo in the area and the passengers of the vehicle sped off when they saw him as he was going to work in the early morning.”

It’s funny that she mentions a silver car, because folks on the Beacon Hill mailing list last week were discussing suspicious activity by a silver 4-door sedan. According to one neighbor, the car was driving between Orcas and Lucille on the west side of Beacon Avenue, “moving slowly through the streets and making multiple passes.” He spoke with the car’s occupants, and the driver claimed to be a teacher from a driving school on Beacon Hill. However, apparently the car is not one used by the driving school, and the driver does not work there.

6 thoughts on “Neighbors report break-ins and suspicious cars”

  1. Dear Beacon Hillers: In Jessica’s break ins she mentioned
    “stuff” being tossed around and some things stolen.
    Well, NEVER leave “stuff” in your vehicle. While thugs may break a window for nothing, anything left in the car is an invitation.

    The van break in no doubt may have cost hundreds of
    dollars in lost tools and equipment. The thugs must have known the contents of the van .

    There were 2 break ins on 15th. Ave So, across from PACMed,
    a couple weeks ago, where employees work, I would rather park in their spacious parking lot. Whether they had “stuff” in the vehicle or maybe not, I hope they and everyone has comp/vandalism on their insurance. L L

  2. Lenny- Jessica from above here, and I guess I should have been more disscriptive, “stuff” was mostly papers from the inside of my glovebox and a reusable coffee mug were the things that got tossed.

  3. I’m sure hundreds of dollars of equipment were stolen from the van. I certainly would report it to the police at least for a case number for insurance purposes.
    Perhaps some of the items had serial numbers or the description would help if the items turn upon a pawn shop etc., and returned to the owner. A license plate number from the hoods truck would be invaluable in tracing by police.

  4. Just to clear some things up, as stated in my contribution to the post above, we did call the police and have filed a report. The hope for putting this on the Beacon Hill Blog was in case anyone had noticed any individuals with the same coats or might have additional info that could help with finding the individuals who are represented in the video. It is also to notify others in the neighborhood to keep their eye out for the 2 and be aware of your cars and possessions. This is the third time that his van has been broken into (the second time it was stolen and stripped) in the past 3 or 4 years. We are very aware of how to file a report, file insurance claims as necessary, and log serial numbers, but these steps don’t stop this from happening again. That’s why we have posted the video and are asking for help with developing any leads.

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