Do you have information about this burglary?

Neighbor Travis writes:

Dear Neighbors,

I want to share that our home, near the intersection of 16th Avenue South and South Stevens Street, was broken in on Saturday afternoon between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. It seems a very bold break-in.

The burglars kicked in the back door and took the most valuable and smallest items, i.e., laptops and jewelry. The sentimental value of the jewelry out weighs the cash value — passed down from elders, etc. — and we are working hard to try to have them find their way back to us, somehow.

If anyone believes they saw suspicious activity during that time in our area of Beacon Hill your information would be very helpful. Our neighbors were able to provide some concrete leads to the officer, and the more info the better.

On that note, we want to thank all of our neighbors who have been extremely supportive and helpful, and Officer T. Saewong was thorough, informative, and professional.

On the bright side, we know our neighbors much better after this nasty incident, and we have shared personal contact information so we can better keep an eye out for one another.

Feel free to call 206-930-5321 with any leads or information, or contact Officer Saewong directly at 206-386-1850 with case #2013-115804.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Do you have information about this burglary?”

  1. I believe this fits the MO of other burglaries in the neighborhood-mid day, weekend break ins and thefts of only small valuables. This has been going on for a while, as at least two other people I know had this happen between now and last Fall.

  2. A young dark-skinned woman (Indian? Pakistani?) came to my door last Saturday and kept ringing the doorbell in a rude manner after I didn’t answer it. I didnt open the door but told her to go away through my window. She went off cursing (“B*Tch!”). She was wearing a short dark blue jacket with a whitish fur lined collar and blue jeans. She left no material at my door and she may have been just going through the neighborhood checking to see if any houses were empty. I live down the hill on S. Steven Street about 7 blocks from 16th Ave.

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about this. My roommate and I have been the victims of this same MO twice now. It was the middle of the day and they kicked in the front door, which is right on Beacon Ave, and made off with laptops, jewelery and game systems. Hopefully SPD can get you your things back.

  4. I live about 4 blocks away from the OP. Several years ago, I was at home and someone range the doorbell. I was engrossed in my reading and didn’t answer. I heard them attempt to break the window in my back kitchen door. As I approached the entryway, the whole door splintered as 2-3 came through. It was very traumatic. So I’m now much more watchful and to include my neighbors’ homes as well.

  5. I have been told by SPD (after our own BH house was broken into mid-day, and small but valuable items stolen…similar to what happened in this story) that one of the best security “systems” to prevent this is a big dog. So we got one. Knock on wood, but we’ve been spared the break-ins ever since. I’m pretty sure that someone seeing/hearing our big guy will keep on moving!

  6. My car was broken into on 15th n holgate in bh on saturday april 20th. Happened around 1-3am. All they took was laundry detergent . Pathetic thiefs!!

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