Summer lawn bowling league for women forming at Jefferson Park

Jenny Mears of the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club writes:

Photo by Jenny Mears
Hello ladies! Come spend your sunny summer Wednesday nights in beautiful Jefferson Park with a fabulous group of women learning how to lawn bowl! What’s lawn bowling, you say? It’s an amazingly fun outdoor sport in which you and your team compete to see who can roll their bowls closest to the white ball at the end of the green, all while drinking gin and tonics (or a beverage of your choice). In other words, it’s a completely civilized way to spend a summer weeknight!

Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club has a great assortment of member events, tournaments, and leagues, including Bowl Busters, a league for women. We get together on Wednesday nights throughout the summer, sharing food and drink, and rolling bowls in the summer sun. All skill and experience levels are welcome; lawn bowling is one of those “moment to learn, lifetime to master” things! New Bowl Busters can try out the league with a special introductory rate of $40 for the Bowl Busters season. The first night of Bowl Busters is June 5th and the league runs Wednesday nights through the end of July. For more information or to sign up, see the Bowl Busters page on Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club’s website.

New bowlers do need to get a lesson on the basics before league begins. You’ll learn things like how to hold and roll a bowl, the objective of the game, and small tips to make you a good teammate your first game. Lessons are offered May 22 and May 29 at 7 pm. Sign up for a lesson by contacting Learn all about Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club at

See you on the greens!

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