Broad-daylight burglars break in, kill family cat

KOMO reports a story that is both sad and frightening. A home in the 3200 block of 15th Avenue South was burglarized in the early afternoon on June 7, and when the family returned home to find the burglary, they also found their cat lying dead in the backyard.

The owner reported on the BAN mailing list that “at some point either my cat got in the way or wanted to be petted and was struck with enough force that it killed him.”

Police were able to lift prints from several locations in the home. The thieves apparently tried to kick in the back door, and when that failed, broke an upper window in the door.

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6 thoughts on “Broad-daylight burglars break in, kill family cat”

  1. I’m very sorry to read this bad and sad news. About a year ago our house was burglarized the same way, rock thrown through door window. The SPD officer recommended an alarm system. Even if it’s not connected to a response service, his theory is, robbers would hear it, grab the quickest item and then run.

  2. If anyone hears of an arrest in this case, could you please post it here? I’ve been worried sick since this happened; we live on the same block, and our kitties are family to us… 🙁

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