The Commons is open!

Welcome to the Commons section of the BHB. This is a place where you can submit stories to the blog — reviews, news, features, interviews, news tips — and the community can read and discuss them. Some stories may be promoted to the front page of the blog.

To post in the Commons, click the Write for the BHB link.

Stories here have to be approved to go onto the Commons — that’s because of spammers, unfortunately. Differing opinions are fine. And all posts must be related to Beacon Hill. Don’t libel, flame, insult, or otherwise be unneighborly here in the Commons.

Try it out and see! Have you had a story idea in your head? Post it! If you have questions or need to submit photos, please email me at

This is still in testing mode, so if something doesn’t work, let me know.

Thanks and enjoy!

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