Local non-profit needs volunteers

Have an interest in or experience with volunteer engagement, the nonprofit community, and/or project management? You’re invited to get involved and help a local non-profit to plan, implement and manage the projects needed to take the organization’s volunteer program to the next level.

VIP Manager Corps is a United Way of King County program managed in partnership with 501 Commons. VMC provides community volunteers with the tools needed to help local non-profit organizations develop effective volunteer management practices. Several participating organizations are located around Beacon Hill.

This volunteer role has been a rewarding opportunity for community members looking for a meaningful way to apply their skills and experience in the nonprofit community. Volunteers gain the opportunity to apply their own skills and experience in a new context, work closely with a local organization and earn an $800 service award.

To apply or learn more about the VMC Member role, please visit 501Commons.org/volunteer/VMC and feel free to contact Gwyn Howard, gwyn@501commons.org, with any questions.

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