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Pumpkin decorating at Columbia City Farmers Market

Pumpkin creativity; photo by Hint of Plum -- thanks!
Pumpkin creativity; photo by Hint of Plum -- thanks!
This Wednesday, October 22, is the last day of this season’s Columbia City Farmers Market, and the season will end with a colorful, glittery splash: a children’s pumpkin decorating event, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Pumpkins and squashes, along with paint, glitter, feathers, etc. will be supplied by the Market.

The Market is located at 4801 Rainier Avenue South (at South Edmunds). Directions may be found at the Market’s web page, or at Google Maps.

Help build a new playground at New Holly

One hundred volunteers are needed this coming Friday, October 24, to help build a new playground in the Central Park area of New Holly, based on designs created by neighborhood children. The plan is to build the entire park in 6 hours; work begins at 9:00 am, and at 3:00 pm, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony to dedicate the playground. Lunches will be provided for the volunteers. Interested? Meet at the south end of Central Park in Phase III (at the corner of Holden Street and Rockery Drive) at 9:00 am on Friday, or email Joy Bryngelson for more information.

More information is at the Rainier Valley Post — thanks!

Good Food film screening on 10/22

Good Food, a film about sustainable food and farming in the Pacific Northwest, will be screened on Wednesday, October 22, 7:00 pm, at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center on 3515 South Alaska Street. There will be food donation barrels for the Rainier Valley Food Bank; non-perishable food items for the barrels are requested. The screening is free and open to the public, and the filmmakers will attend.

Parts of Good Food were filmed locally, including parts at the Columbia City Farmers Market, Marra Farm, and the food bank at South Park Neighborhood Center, and an interview with Beacon Hill resident Jodie Vice. The film was shown at the Seattle International Film Festival this year, and they described it as follows:

“This lively tour of various Washington state farms and ranches that have adopted healthier organic methods in raising their products offers several lucid arguments in favor of smaller, more efficient farms, and purchasing locally grown crops. Still, none are as convincing as the marvelous bounty laid before our eyes in this film.”

Jungle and greenbelt plans to be discussed 10/21

The Jungle and the East Duwamish greenbelt have a notable (one might say infamous) impact on public safety in the west Beacon Hill area. Interested in the future of this area? Plan to attend a meeting this coming Tuesday to discuss creating a permanent public safety solution for the area. The meeting is October 21, 7:00 pm, at Quarters 1, PacMed Campus, on the northwest corner of 14th Avenue South and South Judkins Street .

Those attending will include Washington State Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Lorena Eng of the Washington State Department of Transportation, and representatives from the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, Department of Neighborhoods, and the Mayor’s office, as well as directors from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and others.

Thanks to Craig Thompson for the info!

Debate watching at Grown Folks

People intently watching the presidential debate at Grown Folks Coffee House, 10/15. Photo by Jason.
People intently watching the presidential debate at Grown Folks Coffee House, 10/15. Photo by Jason.
A few days ago we posted about the debate viewing party at Grown Folks. We were there tonight for the debate, and it was fun, though I’d say the crowd was a bit more subdued than I expected. (There was some heckling, booing, and cheering, though!) This was our first visit to Grown Folks, and we had some very tasty sandwiches. They will be hosting election returns viewing all day on Election Day, so maybe we’ll be back.

Discuss the bus over pancakes

Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
Metro bus in West Seattle -- thanks Seattle Municipal Archives!
We posted earlier about this Saturday’s pancake breakfast, and about potential bus service changes in Southeast Seattle. Today, Jodie Vice of Beacon Hill Pedestrians posted some further information to the mailing list that allows us to combine both topics:

There has been quite a bit of discussion about bus service changes when light rail comes on board. It would be great to have a discussion about this and fill out our surveys as a neighborhood! I’ve contacted Metro and they are sending me about 50 surveys (in multiple languages) to hand out at the Pancake Breakfast THIS Saturday at El Centro – 9:30AM.

A bus service and light rail discussion will go hand-in-hand at our forum on creating a town center, because you can not create a “town center” without adequate access by ALL modes. We have an amazing opportunity with the light rail to be more connected to southend neighborhoods and downtown, but bus service is still crucial for local trips.

The current Metro plans include a potential crosstown route that will connect the Hill with West Seattle, possible changes to the 38 to eliminate redundant service once the light rail opens, and more.

Thanks Jodie and BHP!