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Nature in November

More photos from the Beacon Hill Blog photo pool on Flickr:

Leaves overwhelm the sidewalk on 15th Avenue South near PacMed. Photo by Bridget Christian.
The pond in Katie Black's Garden in North Beacon Hill is filled with orange leaves instead of water at this time of year. Photo by Wendi.
Perfectly groomed shrubbery graces a Beacon Hill yard. Photo by Joel Lee.
The viewpoint in Jefferson Park, where these boulders almost seem to be enjoying the view. Photo by //dotism.

Lanes changed on 15th Avenue South

It looks like the restriping on 15th Avenue South north of Spokane Street has finally happened. The new right-turn lane at Spokane when heading southbound is much nicer than the old “squeeze into the de facto turn lane that isn’t really a lane, and hope you have room to make the turn” situation that used to be there. The new bike lane is nice, too. The parking situation has changed a bit, though. If you live, drive, or ride on 15th, how are you handling it?

Changes coming to 15th Ave S this month

Later this month, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will begin work on the repaving and rechannelization of 15th Avenue South between South College Street and South Spokane Street. (We posted about this project when it was getting started last year.)

The project to improve 15th will include include traffic lane reconfiguration along with pedestrian and bicycle improvements, including:

  • Resurfacing the asphalt pavement on 15th between Beacon Avenue South and South McClellan Street.
  • Installing new curb bulbs and ramps at 15th and South Lander Street.
  • Adding sidewalk improvements at Beacon and McClellan.
  • Adding two new marked crosswalks at 15th and Lander.
  • Installing pedestrian warning signs at 15th and McClellan.
  • Retrofitting existing ADA ramps with tactile (detectable) warning pads.
  • Adding new bike facilities between College and Spokane.

SDOT will be removing parking from one side of the street in each block, using alternate-side-of-the-street parking as a traffic calming technique. Additionally, there will be a much-needed right-turn-only lane at the intersection of 15th Avenue South and South Spokane Street, when going southbound. You can read more about the rechannelization here.

Work on the project is scheduled to begin in mid-July and continue through September. You should expect lane closures, pedestrian detours, parking and loading restrictions, and the usual construction noise and mess. More information about specifics will be coming soon.

View 15th Ave S rechannelization project in a larger map

Bike lane added to 15th Avenue S

New bike lane and sharrows on 15th Avenue South, just north of South Atlantic Street. Photo by Jason.
New bike lane and sharrows on 15th Avenue South, just north of South Atlantic Street. Photo by Jason.
15th Avenue South at the north tip of Beacon Hill has been restriped, with a bike lane added to one side of the street and sharrows to the other side.

This part of 15th tends to have drivers who drive excessively fast. Cyclists, remember the bike lane doesn’t guarantee your safety, so please be careful out there; drivers, please watch out for cyclists both here on 15th and elsewhere on the hill, and remember that it is illegal to drive in the bike lane.

View Larger Map
Google Maps shows this area as it was until recently.

(The dedicated bike lane does run only a few blocks before going back to “sharrows”, but it’s a start! — Jason)

15th Ave S closed, will reopen by 5:00 pm; Beacon Ave partially closed on Saturday

We reported a couple of days ago that 15th Avenue South would be closed between South Atlantic Street and South College Street for repair this Saturday.

However, Marybeth Turner from SDOT reports that the plan was changed, and if you live in that area, you might already have noticed:

The plan for performing the paving work on 15th Avenue South this weekend fell through. When the crew chief found that he had the crews and equipment available today, he seized the opportunity and went ahead with the work. They expect to have the street completely open by 5:00 p.m. I apologize for the lack of warning about the schedule change.

In further street construction news, paving crews will work in the 5300 block of Beacon Avenue South on Saturday, starting at 8:00 a.m. The street will be closed to southbound traffic between South Bennett Street and South Brandon Street until 8:00 a.m on Sunday. A detour will be provided. The crews will repair pavement that was previously excavated for work on underground utilities.

Thanks for the updates, Marybeth!

Street repair work to be done this Saturday

The city will tear up your street, and hopefully fix it back up again. Image courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives.
The city will tear up your street, and hopefully fix it back up again. We know we've used this picture before, but we like it. Image courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives.
Saturday, December 6, at 9:00 am, Seattle Department of Transportation crews will repair sections of 15th Avenue South, Rainier Avenue South, and Beacon Avenue South where the pavement was excavated for work on underground utilities. There will be flaggers to direct traffic. Lanes are scheduled to reopen by 3:30 pm.

Areas affected will be:

  • the 3000 block of 15th Avenue South (between Stevens and Winthrop*)
  • the 5100 block of Rainier Avenue South (at 39th Avenue South)
  • Rainier Avenue South at Medley Court south of South Austin Street
  • the 3000 and 3400 blocks of Beacon Avenue South (between Stevens and Hanford, and between Hinds and Spokane)

Need more information? Contact Eric Stewart at 206-255-2349.

*The city press release said the 3200 block, but the block bounded by Stevens and Winthrop is the 3000 block.

Here’s a map of the Beacon Hill locations affected:

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