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Owl on the prowl?

Have you seen one of these around Beacon Hill lately? Photo by mybulldog via Creative Commons/Flickr.
Neighbor Paul Zilly writes:

My brother and I were taking our morning run a couple of weeks ago, and my hat was snatched off of the top of my head mid-stride by what I believe to be a great horned owl! The incident took place at 6:30 AM on Cheasty Blvd .S. at the southeast end of the golf course. Neither of us saw the perpetrator at the time—we just heard a faint swooping sound behind us. I felt something glance off of the side of my head, and my hat was gone. We initially thought it was a crow since we had seen a family of crows at that same spot a couple of days before. But yesterday, we saw the marauder close up. It was huge—a beautiful owl, two-feet tall. It had just flown into a tree directly behind us, perhaps ready to strike again? I’m wondering if anyone else in the neighborhood has had a similarly eerie and quite wonderful experience.

Lost a cockatiel?

This lost cockatiel was found near the Amazon.com building on Saturday. Is it yours?
This lost cockatiel was found near the Amazon.com building on Saturday. Is it yours?
Jeffrey Cornish writes:

“At approximately 1500 hrs on Saturday, I (Jeffrey D. Cornish) while on patrol around the Amazon.com building observed a yellow cockatiel on the sidewalk beside one of the concrete columns on 12th Ave in front of Quarters #10 at the intersection of 12th Ave and Judkins. I called Animal Control and Officer Matthew Belue responded and picked up the bird.

“If you need the incident # or the report you can call Wright Runstad & Company Security and we can furnish this information. The bird was transported to the animal shelter at approximately 1525.”

You can reach Wright Runstad & Company Security at 206-255-3974.