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Lot for rent and, elsewhere, a new taco truck

One fenced lot adjacent to the light rail station has recently sprouted a “for rent” sign. This lot next to the rail station would be a plum spot for some lucky lunch truck, obviously — but what other purposes could such an available space be put to?

Speaking of street vendors, Dylan wrote to the mailing list recently:

Taqueria Latinos II has been parked at the corner of Weller and 12th (just on the other side of the Jose Rizal bridge) for about 4 months now. For those of you who have been lucky enough to swing by, we have enjoyed their generous servings of authentic south of the border cuisine. One of the best taco trucks in Seattle, they use fresh ingredients and are nice folks — can’t beat that. On April 23rd they are moving to 2537 15th Ave S, right behind the Bank of America.

Taqueria Latinos II taco truck

Thanks to Chris, Brook, and Dylan for the tips, and Tim for the taco truck photo!