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Leaks in Beacon Hill Station being fixed

During last week’s miserable, rainy weather, we noticed something disconcerting—it was raining in the southbound tunnel of Beacon Hill Station.

You can't see it, but there are droplets constantly falling into this puddle. Photos by Wendi.

The leaks along the wall in the tunnel (seen above in the photo on the right) were noticeably worse, and a constant shower of droplets was falling over the platform, all the way back to the wall, where drops were falling out of the front of the light fixture there.

We asked Sound Transit about this, and spokesperson Bruce Gray told us: “The short answer is, we have a leak and are fixing it. We don’t think it’s indicative of anything seriously wrong. Our engineering folks tell me this is fairly common over the first year or so of deep-mined projects, which is why the work is all covered by warranty.”

Indeed, this week work is being done on the south platform.

Repairs to the south platform at Beacon Hill Station. Photo by Jesse Odam.

Jefferson Park reservoir: insane in the membrane?

Jefferson Park reservoir work, 2007
Jefferson Park reservoir work, 2007. It won't be going back quite to this stage, presumably. Photo by Jason

West Seattle Blog just broke a story about problems with leaky “membranes” applied to both the Beacon Hill Reservoir at Jefferson Park and West Seattle’s Myrtle Reservoir projects.

Repairing the problem will require removal of grass, dirt and “drain rock” lids covering the nearly-completed reservoirs to get to the membrane material. After replacing the faulty waterproofing, it will be re-covered. Who pays for the repair work will likely be resolved in court, and how far out this pushes “completion” of the project is unknown.

Much, much more detail on the West Seattle Blog.

Thanks, WSB!