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February NBHC meeting agenda

Next Thursday the 4th at 7pm is the February North Beacon Hill Council Meeting at the Beacon Hill Library.

Judith Edwards sent along the agenda:

All are welcome! Come hear what’s going on on the Hill (a lot!).

7:00 — Welcomes and Introductions
7:10 — Councilmember Sally Clark

  • her new assignment on the Council
  • how we can be of help to her; how she can be of help to us
  • conversation with attendees

7:50 — SE Precinct report on crime on Beacon Hill – Shelly Bates and/or a rep. from the SE Precinct
8:00 — Committee/sub-committee Reports (three minutes each)

  • Greater Duwamish District Council (Matthew Stubbs)
  • Business Association (Robert Hinrix)
  • Arts Association and Festival Street (Robert Hinrix)
  • Neighborhood Planning/Bike and Pedstrian proposal (Freddie Merrell)

8:10 — Council vote: approving Robert Hinrix as a new Board Member, establishing time for Board Meeting
8:15 — Community Concerns
8:30 — Closure

See you there.